8 Reasons that Prove You Are Not Failing (As A Mother) 

You are not failing (as a mother).

The “feeling of failure” walks alongside us as parents. I don’t think there’s a single parent out there who hasn’t told themselves they’re failing at least once, and research shows that more than 50% feel like a failure for long periods during their active parenting. 

“Feeling like a failure” sucks; let’s be honest. When we observe our unfruitful actions, we immediately give them meaning no longer attached to the effort but to ourselves. And that hurts. 


Here’s the thing, “failure” is not a feeling. It is a thought that creates feelings. 

Guilt, shame, embarrassment, disconnection, fear, worry, anger, resentment, frustration, sadness, anxiety, and this is only a partial list. 

Can you see the power your thoughts have over you? The power of your words? 

You are not failing as a mother (or otherwise). Your kids aren't failing, either. Here are the 8 fact you need to know to manifest connection and happiness back into your family life.

How it Works

You tell yourself that you’re a failure (as a parent), and you believe yourself (why wouldn’t you? No one ever told you your thoughts don’t have to be true), and you live life holding to these unpleasant feelings, confirming the initial thought that created this cycle. 

I’m happy you’re here. Today this cycle breaks. 

8 reasons why you ARE NOT failing as a mother: 

  1. Failure does not exist anywhere outside of your head. 
  2. You are the very best you can be in any given moment. This only means that you can do even better tomorrow. 
  3. You are NOT what you do. You are who YOU are and it consists of much more than an action. 
  4. You are only responsible for your actions. The idea of us being able to take action to control the actions of others – is a lie. Well rooted and manifested lie. The only ones we can control are ourselves. 
  5. Your children’s actions are not a reflection of you. When they misbehave (not that there is such a thing), it’s about them and their feelings – it’s not on you. 
  6. Nothing is ever about you. Yes, even when your children tell you that they hate you, that you don’t love them, or that you are a horrible mother. They are expressing their feelings, and if they knew how to do that without guilt and shame – “you” wouldn’t be part of the sentence. It’s just that, well, they don’t. 
  7. You are a whole and complete human being. You are a universe. So are your children – they are whole and complete human beings, completely disconnected from you. 
  8. Although it’s the most important moment, the present moment is still only a single moment in time. The future is unknown and completely out of your control anyway. Focus on today.

Deconstructing your thoughts, hand-picking them one by one, asking which thought patterns lead us closer to your goals and which are pulling you away from your desired destination is the ONLY thing you can do. 


It will increase your ability to stay calm

It will increase your ability to connect to your children

It will increase your sense of happiness

In return, your children will feel more connected to you, AND it will make it easier for them to follow your lead. 

Deconstructing your thoughts, taking full ownership and responsibility over your life experience. You can do it, and I’m here to help you. 


You are not failing (as a mother), it’s just that no one helped you see how amazing you are, 

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