Hi Mom & Dad,

Would you like to completely transform your life in one month?

My name is Viki, and I can transform your family life from the power struggles, the yelling, and the fighting into a life of compassion and cooperation in a single month. I am a Nonviolent Communication specialist and a family coach. During the last three years I’ve helped countless families from all over the world to reconnect to their children and find that lost language, the language that everyone once understood and lived by, together.

It Happens to Everyone

Life is complicated. We’re busy, we’re worried, we’re preoccupied. We build walls around us to keep us safe, but for most of us, these walls end up being a source of disconnection. 


We suddenly feel that no one knows us, that no one understands, or wishes to listen. We find that the lives we’ve tried to build together, have suddenly grown too far apart.

Too many will continue this way, hoping that something will change, but won’t do anything to bring that change forth.

Would You Like That?

I believe that if you are here, reading this – you are ready for something else. You are ready to make the needed changes to find the lost language of love, reconnect, and rebuild the most important relationships in your life.

Are you Ready?

If you are, I am offering a service unheard-of in the world of coaching in general, and parent coaching in particular. I am inviting you to a full month of unlimited coaching, that includes as many sessions as needed – preferably on a daily basis.


Learning a new language is a commitment. A commitment that you must make for the sake of your family, and a commitment that I will gladly make for your family. Together – we can transform everything in a single month.   

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here are just some of the struggles that found resolutions with my coaching program:

I am really intentional in speaking positively to my son, encouraging when I see positive behaviors and hear him say things that are kind. I show physical affection, tell him that I love him. But I'm really struggling with the negative pattern of talking and commenting on things I am doing , asking me to do things in a different way and making me feel uncomfortable. I want him to acknowledge and feel the way I feel for him
Brigitte California

What did we do?

Brigitte had personal uncertainties having to do with her own actions. While her son is compassionate and loving all thanks to her parenting style, his comments (that had nothing to do with her directly) severely affected her feelings. We’ve identified the core reasons to her reactions, addressed them internally, and helped her communicate her needs to her 7 year old son. 

We're just a dysfunctional family. The only voice the kids hear is barking, the only words we say are orders. I'm angry and resentful that I have to do everything myself. I want us to talk, I want us to hug and just enjoy being together. Now everything is a struggle and I break down every day.
Linda UAE

What did we do?

We paused everything that didn’t directly pertain to attachment. We’ve helped all family members to rebuild their connection and trust through positive communication, one step at a time. When all individuals found their place within the relationship and the relationship itself was back on track, we were able to address cooperation and bring peace to everyday situations.  

I need to stop being that angry mom. I need to know that my little one can trust me and will know that I will accept him for who he is, always. That's just not the way everything feels now.
Johanna Paris

What did we do?

We had to separate between Johanna’s feelings and what was actually happening between her son and her. Once we did that, we were able to view all parameters separately and address each one. We’ve detected the unmet needs from which Johanna’s feelings stemmed and found new strategies to having these needs met. Once met, she was able to see the relationship with her for what it really was. Having had her needs met and viewing her parenting in a different light, the anger resolved itself rather quickly.    

My 12 year old spends his days in his room behind a shut door. He never talks to us anymmore, we have no idea what's going on. When we do manage to get a few words out we end up fighting. I just want my son back.
Tamara UK

What did we do?

We had to find the reason for which Tamara’s son chose his solitude. Once that was found, Tamara slowly realized that her communication with her son wasn’t addressed to his needs and feelings, but rather, to society’s expectations of both him, and her. Once reconnected to her son’s inner motivations, Tamara learned how to talk to him and how to make him listen. We’ve then rebuilt the trust between the two through positive and mindful communication. 


These amazing mothers, and many others gained their lives back, reconnected, began communicating their needs and their feelings with the ones they love most – their children and partners – within a single month. 

You Can, too.

I am now offering a full month of unlimited coaching for a single payment of $600. During this month, you and I will become best friends. Through constant communication, you will:

  • Make mindful parenting decisions
  • Reconnect with your needs and feelings
  • Say goodbye to fear, guilt, and shame
  • Learn how to communicate in a way that makes it easy to listen, and follow 
  • Learn to hear beyond words, and communicate directly with your children’s hearts
  • Stop the yelling
  • Stop the fighting
  • Find the joy in parenting 

This is not a dream. The family life you deserve to live is in your reach.

Don’t wait another moment –  join me today, learn a new language, and transform your life. 

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Email me at viki@parentsenlight.com with any question you might have. 

I will be happy to meet you and help you live the family life that you deserve to live. 

feeling angry, frustrated, lonely or sad? Parent coaching can help you, too.

Viki de Lieme

Hi there! Welcome to my home 🙂 I am a mom, a parent coach and educator, a Nonviolent Communication specialist, and attachment parenting advocate. I help children (and their parents) reconnect and find the joy of family life.