The Truth About “MINE” – Sharing is NOT About Giving

Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE” is among the favorite books I’ve authored. 

We live in an isolated, lonely, online, past-pandemic society in which most of us have gotten used to being alone. 

I hear of so many children out there who forgot how to socialize, or have difficulties in developing social skills, which is very much understandable given the last three years. 

When I wrote The Truth About Mine, I had a vision of connecting emotions to possessions, and stressing that sharing them is not about giving them, nor is it even possible, but it is about feeling together, and growing happier and stronger – TOGETHER. 

Be it among friends or siblings, extended family, or in an educational setting, Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE” is a wonderful resource that encourages children to join hands and hearts and work together for the best result! 

Thank you so much to Dr. Joanette for having me over for the second time, and giving me the opportunity to share this marvelous book with you. 

I hope you will enjoy the reading! 

And to add The Truth About “MINE” to your family library and encourage your children to choose to share, follow this link to order an autographed copy, or this link if you prefer to order on Amazon (and read reviews!) 

Teach and encourage children to share! Be it to prevent sibling rivalry or create a culture of cooperation in your class. This is the perfect book for your library!

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