There are positive parenting solutions for your misbehaving child.

There are positive parenting solutions for your talking-back child.

There are positive parenting solutions for your hitting child.

There are positive parenting solutions for your boundary testing and challenging child.

There are positive parenting solutions to every parenting challenge you might be experiencing with the ones you love most.

And these solutions, unlike behavioral solutions, will leave both you and your children feeling connected, close, and understanding each other.

Because punishments don’t work, threats don’t work, time-outs don’t work. And not only do these strategies not work, but they leave you feeling guilty and leave your child full of shame.
Guilt and shame disconnect you from our children and disconnect your children from you, leaving no real chance for a positive relationship in the future.

Don’t leave your parenting and the future of your children in the hands of chance or luck. There’s too much to lose for everyone involved.

Gain the clarity you need to parent from the heart. Learn how to talk to your children to encourage them to see and hear you. Learn how to build the relationship that you truly want with those you love the most.

And do all this with the love and support of like-minded parents.

With your Positive Parenting VIP membership, you will transform your parenting with the help of:

  1. Weekly Positive Parenting lessons on everyday situations
  2. Daily live sessions answering all your parenting questions
  3. Monthly group sessions
  4. Expert guest speakers in various fields, including child development, child-psychology, positive psychology, the study of happiness, positive communication, and more.
  5. 24/7 support

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Hi Mama, I’m Viki, a mother of two and a life and parenting coach. I’m also an NVC (Nonviolent Communication) specialist, a Mindfulness geek, and a passionate teacher (when I teach what I’m passionate about).

The members of Positive Parenting VIP receive weekly lessons, monthly group sessions, and my constant and ongoing support.

In the weekly lessons, I offer brand new strategies for dealing with everyday situations geared towards building a family life of connection, compassion, and cooperation. And there are already DOZENS of lessons waiting for you in the group 🙂

In our monthly sessions, we talk about everything we’ve learned and unpack what needs unpacking. Each member receives her own time to talk, share, and listen.

And I know it works 🙂


So, if you’re done with the fights and the power struggles, if you’re done feeling alone and lonely on your parenting journey, if you want to restart everything and bring forth a beautiful change and build unbreakable bonds with your children – follow this link and join us today 🙂