The Best Montessori Toys and Essentials for Holistic Child Development

As a devoted mother and passionate advocate of the Montessori method, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of the best Montessori toys in shaping the minds and hearts of my little ones and the many parents and children I’ve guided over the years. 

Piloted by the philosophy of Maria Montessori, these toys and essentials are not just playthings and furniture, but invaluable tools that foster independence, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.

In a world of flashy gadgets and fleeting trends, Montessori toys are timeless treasures designed to nurture the whole child. Promoting principles of respect, freedom, and exploration, these toys offer more than mere entertainment; they provide a rich environment for holistic growth and development.

One of the key tenets of Montessori education is the emphasis on child-led learning. By allowing children to choose their activities and explore at their own pace, Montessori toys empower them to become active participants in their education. This autonomy builds confidence and cultivates a sense of responsibility and self-discipline from a young age.

Beyond cognitive development, Montessori toys also prioritize the emotional well-being of children. By encouraging open-ended exploration and fostering a sense of accomplishment, these toys promote a positive self-image and resilience in the face of challenges. 

Through independent play and cooperative interactions with peers, children learn valuable social skills such as empathy, cooperation, and conflict resolution, which are essential for navigating the complexities of human relationships.

As a parenting consultant, I’ve had the privilege of guiding countless families on their Montessori journey, witnessing the profound impact these toys have on both children and parents. 

I could go on and on about the benefits of Montessori toys, but I won’t because you’re here already, and you want to dive right in! 

Though the following links are affiliate links, meaning that I earn a tiny commission when you make a purchase, the real beneficiaries are your children. Let’s go 🙂

The Climbing Triangle 

I only bought the climbing triangle during COVID when we were all locked in, and the kids were, rightfully so, going crazy. And I regretted not having it earlier. Kids need to climb. Kids need to explore their bodies and how they perform, react to risk-taking, and develop daily, growing stronger and more potent. This triangle has it all. Not only a physical outlet, though, since it has enough room for two and even three children, it promotes sibling connection, cooperation, mutual help and assistance, and so much more. 

It’s super easy to assemble, and there are many assembling options, making sure that your children don’t get bored. It folds, so you don’t need to see it after the kids go to bed, which is a huge plus if you ask me. Check it out here 🙂 

The Learning Tower

I think no parent in this world can skip the learning tower. I often talk about a child’s life experience; imagine how you’d feel, being so small, looked at from above, unable to reach anything, having to constantly ask for help… It doesn’t sound too empowering, right? 

This is where the learning tower comes in. It puts your children on the same level as you, allowing you to model behaviors at eye-to-eye level and allowing your little ones to celebrate their abilities while learning new ones. 

There’s no need to buy a new leaning tower for every child because they grow out of it, and then their siblings can use it. I’ve had the same one for seven years, and we’re still using it 🙂 Check it out here

Busy Boards

Wow, busy boards. Forget all about plastic cars, everything that plays, and everything that moves without being first prompted by your child. You want to raise children who know that their actions have meaning and consequences, and that’s why you want Montessori toys (Encourage grandparents to follow this advice when shopping for the kids.) 

Busy boards will keep your child entertained for hours; the busier the board is, the better. It meets children’s natural curiosity and allows them to experiment, achieve, and even fail, and the younger they meet these feelings and learn to cope with them, the stronger they will emerge. 

Here is the perfect busy board for children as young as five or six months, and here is an extraordinary busy board for toddlers.  

Both are portable and can do their trick everywhere you go, even in the car or at a restaurant 🙂 

Cleaning Sets

As a parenting consultant, I talk endlessly about encouraging our children to use us as their role models, and even more so, I plea to parents to allow children to imitate them. When it’s positive, everyone wins; when it’s negative, the parent gets a unique look at their parental behaviors. Ever think of it this way?

My older children are now four and eight, and I haven’t ever struggled with cleaning or chores. Want to know why? Because I celebrated their need for harmony from the day they were born, keeping the house “nice and clean,” as Lia loves saying, was always a mutual responsibility. This is the environment we fostered, also through the cleaning sets they both had. And no cleaning set holds better or stays nice through kids and years as the Melissa and Doug cleaning set

Stacking Stones 

Your kids will meet building blocks everywhere: at school, daycare, and their friends’ houses, but building blocks are identical, easy to stack, and provide no sensory stimuli. Enter stacking stones – your child’s best physics teacher, and much more. They are colorful and have different textures and weights, teaching your child about balance and developing their fine motor skills while celebrating their executive functions. 

Sometimes, when Lia is upset, she goes to her room. I often find her in there stacking her stones, so these can also have calming qualities for some children. Check them out 🙂 

Wooden Race Tracks

Wooden race tracks epitomize Montessori principles, offering sensory-rich experiences with natural materials and fostering open-ended play. Children develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness by constructing tracks and maneuvering cars. These toys are built to last and promote durability and sustainability, embodying timeless play. These tracks provide a holistic play experience that encourages creativity, autonomy, and joyful exploration. Honestly, they are engaging at every age! Check them out here

Again, I could continue forever, but I might be tiring you, and getting tired myself 🙂

All images below are links to the best Montessori activities in their categories. I’ve already searched for the best price offers and positive reviews so that you can focus on what truly matters – your child’s well-being!

And if you’re brand new to positive parenting – don’t forget to grab copies of my bestselling books, both for you and your little ones 🙂

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Montessori Hammering and Pounding Activity

An Awesome Sensory Montessori Toy Your Baby Would Love!

This is it for today, my friends 🙂 

I truly hope that you will bring these Montessori essentials into your home, and skip just a bit of the plastic waste; it will benefit the world,  and it will benefit you more 🙂

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And if you’re just starting out on your parenting journey, and you are looking for resources that will allow you to parent from the heart, without using strategies of fear, guilt, and shame, and still rocking it, do check out my books. They’re not “just” books, they are tools guiding you, helping you heal and reparent yourself, so that you can be the mother that you want to be. 

Need more? Don’t hesitate to contact me.  

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