The Best Mindfulness Toys for Kids

When my first was born, I was determined to keep my house clutter-free, control the toys he plays with and the books he reads, make sure we spare plastic and choose wood, and… then it didn’t work out. 

Life got messy; grandparents were constantly buying, friends dropped by with more and more plastics, and you get the gist. 

When my second was born, I decided to make a change. Because toys are a source of input for children more than anything else. Are their toys loud and possibly scary? Do they move faster than the child? Do they make sounds that the child did not prompt? All these create thoughts and behaviors that don’t benefit our children. 

Now, with my third, I’m happy to say that our home toys promote calm, regulation, natural imagination, positive communication, and the list continues.  

And what I love most about these mindfulness toys and is that they get to do my job for me. All I need to do then is support them for the best outcome 🙂 

Here are the best Mindfulness toys for kids as I’ve collected throughout the years: 

Hand to Mind

Honestly, everything from this incredible store. 

Every game and toy is optimized for your child’s development, be it intellectual or emotional. We have at least three sets of their Fidget Tubes; each child gets to pick their tubes (usually by color). They play with them all the time. It helps them stay present at the moment, see how the tube reacts to their motions, learn to take responsibility and calm down at night. So many fantastic conversations to have around such a little object. I have them around the house, so anyone can find a tube anytime. 

The Sensory Bottles are a fantastic tool that teaches children to identify their emotions and spark new conversations about feelings and coping methods. Each bottle reacts differently when you shake it, teaching kids the difference between emotions and that we would like to choose different strategies when approaching them. And they’re so cute to look at and pleasant to hold. We want our children to be friends with their emotions, right? The sensory bottles will make that happen. 

I can go on here forever because this is a fantastic store, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll say that they offer a wide variety of SEL and STEM activities for your children and that you should visit their store

The Breathing Owl 

Teaching children how to meditate and breathe mindfully is challenging for many reasons. First, patience is a skill often mastered at an older age, making mindful sitting or lying, seemingly not doing anything, boring and unattractive for kids who want to constantly play and engage. Here comes the breathing owl! Or puppy, or Buddha, whatever you prefer. It’s incredibly soft to the touch and rotates colors, cueing your child to breathe in and out. It also offers seven calming music options, making it the perfect addition to your child’s safe, calm-down place. Both Ilay and Lia have them and love them, and I’m getting one for Emmie, too 🙂 

Omi the Elephant 

Omi did not exist for Ilay and Lia’s early years, but he’s here for Emmie, and it’s so fantastic! Imagine a fully interactive plush elephant (or sheep or a koala!) that teaches your children to stop, breathe, and reset. It’s a life skill, so important and beneficial, and having this little guy aid you with the teaching process in a fun and easy way is just phenomenal! Yet another fantastic addition to any calm-down corner or even just for night cuddles. 

The Meditation Audio Player 

I first found this little turtle when looking for screen-free, mindfulness-promoting alternatives for car rides and flights; little did I know that the kids would be using it everywhere! It helps Ilay stay focused while doing his homework, calm down before it’s time to sleep, and definitely in the car. We don’t go anywhere without it. An additional plus to this little friend is that it allows the child to withdraw and get much-needed emotional space, even when they are not alone or in noisy places. This is a big recommendation from me. 


One of my biggest challenges with children’s use of screens is their use of screens as a calm-down strategy. When kids turn to screens to calm down, they don’t (even though it looks like it). They block their emotions instead of processing and understanding them in a way that allows for personal growth. 

However, many of us need to look outward before we can look inward, which is why I love Liquimo. It’s something to focus on while still feeling your feelings; then, with your help, children can discuss and understand what happened within them. Plus – they really look great everywhere in the house 🙂 

I really hope you enjoyed this list of Mindfulness toys and activities for kids and would let them into your family life, because Mindfulness is really all about what we let in 🙂

Need further help or support? Don’t forget to check out my books, and join my support group on Facebook, I’d love to meet you 🙂 

These Mindfulness promoting toys will teach your kids the important skills of emotional regulation, meditation, naming feelings and so much more! Perfect for any calm-down corner.
Can you imagine toys that teach Mindfulness and support you on your journey of creating peace and calm in your family life? Yes, there are, and here are the best Mindfulness promoting toys for your kids!

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