Discipline Without Power Struggles

Power Struggles with Children

Power struggles often seem to be almost synonymous to parenting. Each time the little ones say yes, we say no, and vice versa. Want to learn how to discipline without power struggles? Read on.    It usually starts as early as.. Well – early! We wake up in the morning and try to get ready […]

How to Correct Your Child’s Behavior with LOVE

Correcting Your Child Through Connection 10 Tips

We often correct our children’s behavior by making them feel bad (shaming, punishments, time outs) – this doesn’t work in the long run. Here’s what does work. Until our little ones are approximately 1 year old, 100% of our communication with them meets our mutual needs for connection, because, let’s be honest – there isn’t […]

On Autonomy and Happy Children

The Need for Autonomy

Numerous studies have shown that the main cause depriving people of happiness is the lack of autonomy, the ability to make their own choices. Here’s how autonomy (and the lack thereof) affects children (and adults). Restrictions on our autonomy are the root cause of the majority of our unpleasant feelings. Think about the feelings arising […]

Child Discipline: a Changed Perspective

Child Discipline a Changed Perspective

Control and dominance are ineffective strategies to child discipline because human beings are programmed to resist it with everything that they have.  “Discipline” is one of my favorite examples to the degree to which we stopped considering the words we use and their actual underlying meaning. Taken from Old Latin, the word discipline simply means […]