10 Regrets in 2250 Days of Parenting 

We can’t ever know how things will turn out or what, in other words, will be the result of our actions. I used the word “regret” in the title, but it isn’t accurate because when we take action based on our heart’s calling, regret is not the right feeling, even if it didn’t turn out […]

Why Positive Parenting doesn’t Work for You (and what to do differently)

Positive parenting is about meeting our children where they are, seeing the needs and feelings behind their behavior, respecting them as whole and complete human beings, ones that deserve to be taught and guided, not punished and disciplined.  It doesn’t only sound beautiful – it truly is! So why doesn’t it work for so many […]

What I did when My Son Hit a Girl

The following article is a confession, a lesson learned, and proof that we are all human beings; we err, we make amends, we overcome, we turn stronger, smarter. Us parents, too.  Today I yelled at Ilay from the top of my lungs. In addition to yelling, I did two more things that I NEVER DO. […]

End the Endless Screen Time Battles Using this Positive Parenting Strategy

Parents worldwide are seeking strategies to end screen time battles and live a full life with their children – this is how to do so using positive parenting techniques.  Screen time addiction. How much screen time is too much screen time? How can I help my child spend less time staring at the screen and […]

3 Types of Power Struggles Every Parent Must Know – and How to Avoid Them

3 Types of Power Struggles Every Parent Must Know - and How to Avoid Them

I’m so happy that you’re reading this, Mama! This means that you are ready to learn how to avoid power struggles with your children so that you can all better communicate and cooperate.  Sure, there are many types of power struggles, and they don’t all share the same characteristics, but the three types of power […]


Three clients of mine were struggling. When they gave up on all the fights and punishments, they contacted me and agreed to try my 3 shocking parenting strategies.  This is their (shortened) story.  Sarah Sarah’s 9-year-old daughter was impossible to wake up in the morning. She used to go to sleep way too late and […]