5 Things NOT to Say to your Child

Saying the right thing to your children ALL THE TIME is impossible, but knowing what you shouldn’t say to your children in certain situations is key to building a long-lasting relationship that empowers the future without damaging the present.  As a Positive Parenting consultant and as a parent myself, I know firsthand how hard it […]

Five Things I do Each Day to Experience More Calm and Less Anger

Family life is a crazy thing. There were previously only you, or only the two of you; now, there are more people. Young people. With their wishes, dreams, and desires. Their needs, their feelings, and their impulse control (or the lack thereof). Navigating all this is often overwhelming, frustrating, and annoying, but we can make […]

5 Pre-Breakfast Habits of the Happiest People (and the Coolest Parents)

Want to unlock the positive mindset that allows you to be the person you want to be and the mother you want to be? Start with incorporating these 5 pre-breakfast habits into your morning routine.  I’ve been working with parents for over five years, teaching them how to remain calm in the most explosive moments […]

Build an EVERLASTING Relationship with your Child in Six Steps

Attachment is a field in science – it explains magnetism, gravity, and the reasons for which human beings attach, also. In other words, attachment is the science of love.  Did you ever travel abroad, or got lost at the airport? Did you ask for help? If you did, then you probably didn’t notice that you […]

One Choice that I Make Every Day Allows Me to Be a Better Me

One Choice that I Make Every Day Allows Me to Be a Better Me

Each time I’m about to do something or say something, I pause to think: does this action breed love and compassion, or am I *re-acting*? Am I the change I wish to see, or am I the epitome of what I wish to change? Reacting to negativity with negativity is simple, it is “natural”. When […]