What to Do When Your Child “Loses It”?

You know those explosive moments before they go to sleep, before you have to leave the house, or at the mall, when your child loses it? That tender moment when you stress out (for a very good reason) and are willing to do anything to make it stop? What most of us usually do is […]

Second Child Guilt and How to Heal

Mother hugging a child

If you haven’t felt the heart-contracting pain of, literally, ruining your firstborn’s life following the birth of your second one, this article is not for you. If you haven’t cried rivers of guilt for the experiences that you’ve lost and what you had “taken” from the person who had made you a mother – this […]

Why Most Families Fail to Cooperate

Being one million months pregnant, the subject of our expanding family, and how we plan to navigate this change has, understandably, become a hot topic at our house. Yesterday we had a few people over, one of them a wonderful lady who I’ve never met before. After I’ve shared with her my thoughts on the […]

Observation Without Evaluation

Observation Without Evaluation

Observation without evaluation is the highest form of human intelligence, noted the Indian philosopher Krishnamurti.  The human brain doesn’t like not knowing; not knowing is a form of weakness, danger that triggers our defense mechanisms, prompting us to do something to change the situation. To walk into familiar grounds, and be able to control the […]