Set Your Parenting Goals for 2019

Parenting Goals 2019

With just one week left to 2018, there’s no time like the present to reflect upon 2019 and set the parenting goals that will make our lives enjoyable. ENJOYABLE. No more “making it through the night”, or day, or week. No more surviving. But living and enjoying – isn’t this what we are here to […]

How to Parent a Difficult Child: 5 tips

How to Parent a Difficult Child - 5 tips

At one point or another, most parents will use the word “difficult” to describe their children. Toddlers or teens, in this article I will share the best practices to parent difficult children, and bring cooperation, compassion and empathy back home. Children are children; whether they are 3, 8 or 15 years old – they have […]

10 Tips for Mindful Parenting

A simple tweak to perception can change your life. If you would like less stress, less overwhelm, less fights and less self-judgment – these 10 mindful parenting tips will get you on the track to peace of mind It happens to all of us, dozens of times, each day. When I try to make dinner […]