What to Say When Your Child Says “You Don’t Love Me”

“You don’t love me, Mom,” is one of the harshest sentences for us, mothers, to hear. Not only that, we want to make sure that our children know that that statement is not true, but even more so, we want to avoid the feelings this sentence brings within us. For many of us, hearing a […]

Breastfeeding – When Is It Okay to Stop And How To Own This Decision

Baby feet - Breastfeeding - do you have to

One of the biggest confusions in this world, and the one causing us a considerable amount of pain is the confusion between what we need to do, and what we think we need to do. Here’s how we can minimize this pain. If you want to skip the introduction and scroll right to the breastfeeding […]

18 Mindful Parenting Quotes That Changed My Life

The Parenting Quotes That Changed My Life

There’s nothing like a mindful parenting quote in the right place and at the right time to shed light on something we’ve been longing to see. I told my own story and how I came to NVC over at my about page, but I don’t think I ever mentioned that it all started from a […]

How To Become Your Child’s BEST FRIEND

Mother and two daughters. How to become your child's best friend?

If you want to become your child’s best friend, this is the shift in state of mind you are looking for. Out of love for our children, we’re on a constant mission to make everything better. But missions are for wars, not for human beings with loving connections.  For us to become our children’s best […]

5 Things You Are Probably Doing Every Day that Make Parenting SO MUCH HARDER

Parenting is hard, and our society and common perceptions make it even harder. What if I told you that you could turn your relationship with your children into cooperative, compassionate, and loving with a few tweaks of perception? Parenting is hard; whether you’ve been parenting for a few months or a few years – you […]