10 Affirmations for the Always Positive Parent 

When COVID just hit our lives, I wasn’t prepared. No one was. When we don’t (or can’t prepare), we’re often dragged down by life, unable to regain control over whatever it is that is happening.  The Snowball of Negativity The same is true for parenting – when we parent without a plan, we can’t choose […]

Five Things I do Each Day to Experience More Calm and Less Anger

Family life is a crazy thing. There were previously only you, or only the two of you; now, there are more people. Young people. With their wishes, dreams, and desires. Their needs, their feelings, and their impulse control (or the lack thereof). Navigating all this is often overwhelming, frustrating, and annoying, but we can make […]

5 Pre-Breakfast Habits of the Happiest People (and the Coolest Parents)

Want to unlock the positive mindset that allows you to be the person you want to be and the mother you want to be? Start with incorporating these 5 pre-breakfast habits into your morning routine.  I’ve been working with parents for over five years, teaching them how to remain calm in the most explosive moments […]

One Simple Rule to Living a Beautiful Life

What if I told you that there is one thing that we, human beings, do, that ruins our lives? What if I told you that all over the world, people suffer from one phenomenon that destroys relationships, friendships, parenthood, and our perception of self? What if I told you that this is something that you […]

15 Mindfulness Practices for Kids

A few minutes a day of Mindfulness practices for kids can gradually turn the most explosive moments to less and less stressful.  Emotional regulation is a learned skill; we’re not born knowing how to regulate our emotions, and let’s admit it – many of us are not great at it even as adults. We get […]

Why Most Families Fail to Cooperate

Being one million months pregnant, the subject of our expanding family, and how we plan to navigate this change has, understandably, become a hot topic at our house. Yesterday we had a few people over, one of them a wonderful lady who I’ve never met before. After I’ve shared with her my thoughts on the […]