Calm and Present: A Simple Technique To Calm Your Anger and Remain Present

Calm and Present A Simple Technique To Calm Your Anger

Using this technique I stay present with my children and avoid anger and frustration. Sometimes the smallest things are the things that push our buttons the most. Water on the floor. Food around the table. Throwing things around. Not wanting to leave/go/come. Emotional outbursts over things we can’t relate to. All these things that lead […]

Anger Management for Moms

Anger Management for Moms

Do you wish to be less angry, less judgmental, more responsive, and more connected to your children? Here’s the single anger management tip that you need. Imagine you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly someone bumps into you. Within a fraction of a second your muscles contract, your blood boils, and […]

Sibling Rivalry: Cause, Effect & Management Strategies

What Causes Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a major cause for conflicts, fights, and power struggles between siblings and parents alike. In this article you will find the real cause to sibling rivalry, outlines in a way you’ve never heard before. And a few tips to help you manage 🙂 Imagine having an amazing relationship with your partner. No […]

4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

There are so many words and sentences we don’t perceive as harmful, damaging, or plain painful – yet for children, they are. The below is a list of things you should never say to your child if you want to maintain a strong connection and the sense of empowerment. I meet so many wonderful and […]

How to Talk to Kids so They Would Listen?

How to Talk to Kids so They Would Listen

If you had enough of the yelling and the fighting, and you want to know how to talk to kids so they would listen, this article is for you. Communication is the subtle dance at the heart of every relationship. It can resemble a heavy metal club or a ballroom waltz, the choice is yours. […]

Discipline Without Power Struggles

Power Struggles with Children

Power struggles often seem to be almost synonymous to parenting. Each time the little ones say yes, we say no, and vice versa. Want to learn how to discipline without power struggles? Read on.    It usually starts as early as.. Well – early! We wake up in the morning and try to get ready […]