What I did when My Son Hit a Girl

The following article is a confession, a lesson learned, and proof that we are all human beings; we err, we make amends, we overcome, we turn stronger, smarter. Us parents, too.  Today I yelled at Ilay from the top of my lungs. In addition to yelling, I did two more things that I NEVER DO. […]

Five Things I do Each Day to Experience More Calm and Less Anger

Family life is a crazy thing. There were previously only you, or only the two of you; now, there are more people. Young people. With their wishes, dreams, and desires. Their needs, their feelings, and their impulse control (or the lack thereof). Navigating all this is often overwhelming, frustrating, and annoying, but we can make […]

Why Most Families Fail to Cooperate

Being one million months pregnant, the subject of our expanding family, and how we plan to navigate this change has, understandably, become a hot topic at our house. Yesterday we had a few people over, one of them a wonderful lady who I’ve never met before. After I’ve shared with her my thoughts on the […]

How I Potty Trained My 3-Year-Old in One Week

How I Potty Trained my 3-Year-Old in One week

Potty training a 3-year-old is everything but my usual subject matter, but this is an excellent example that demonstrates the importance communication plays in our lives. If this is your first time here reading my blog, let me tell you that potty training, and potty training a 3-year-old, is not what I usually deal with. […]

The Secret to a Peaceful Morning Routine For Moms Who Are DONE Fighting 

If you had enough with the fights and the power struggles and on the lookout for a peaceful morning routine that will welcome peace and patience into your family life – you are in the right place  I remember waking up in the morning, a few years ago, and letting whatever happened around me – […]

How I Raise My Child to Be Someone I Can Talk To

Parenting is tough… No one tells you that what is really important is in years to come. Discipline, boundaries, and limits will only cause you suffering if your child is not someone you can genuinely talk to.   When I became a mother and started playing this “raising a child” game, everyone told me that discipline […]