Fearless, Guiltless, Shameless – Parenting Beyond Coercion

The parenting sphere is overflowing with advice, most of it conflicting, so you go along with what the majority suggest, hope for the best and keep winging it. But when nothing changes, we soon realize that we cannot get a different result by continuing to repeat the same actions. Fear-less, Guilt-less, Shame-less – Parenting Beyond […]

FACT: Most Parents Aren’t Happy

Most parents aren’t happy; and it’s a fact. But this being the present, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the future. It definitely wasn’t so in the past. But everything changed some seven thousand years ago.  Nomad life, the naturally flexible social structure governed by connection and equality to aid human survival rates, gradually disappeared.  When Life […]

You Can’t Stop Yelling at Your Kids

You can't stop yelling at your kids

News flash: you can’t stop yelling at your kids. Parents who tell you they don’t yell at their kids are lying to you. Articles that suggest 10 proven ways to stop yelling at your kids are click-baits. However, there is a peaceful, guilt free way of yelling at your kids, and here it is. You […]

Child Discipline: a Changed Perspective

Child Discipline a Changed Perspective

Control and dominance are ineffective strategies to child discipline because human beings are programmed to resist it with everything that they have.  “Discipline” is one of my favorite examples to the degree to which we stopped considering the words we use and their actual underlying meaning. Taken from Old Latin, the word discipline simply means […]

Attachment Parenting – what is it Really About?

Attachment Parenting for All Ages

What is Attachment Parenting really about? Is it about co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and breastfeeding? It might be, but it might be not. Read further. Attachment Parenting is about placing the relationship in the heart of everything we do, but moreover, it is about placing the relationship at the heart of everything we feel, think and say. […]