Baby Sleep – Breaking the Myth

Baby Sleep - break the myths and help your baby sleep better

Sleep deprivation is not only the world’s most ancient torture, it’s also the biggest challenge new parents have to stand up to. Let’s face it: it’s hell. It’s a waking nightmare. Each time I hear someone use “sleeping like a baby” I burst in laughing tears; it is probably the most misleading idiom of all […]

The Fourth Trimester – The First Opportunity for Attachment

The Fourth Trimester

The first four months of your baby’s life are called The Fourth Trimester for a reason – she was already born, but is still a fetus. During your baby’s fourth trimester, her physical systems are not yet fully functional; her digestive system is forced to digest for the very first time, causing gas, discomfort, and […]

My personal journey through baby sleep: 0-24 months

Baby sleep - from 0 to 24 months

Wondering when will your baby sleep through the night and what you can do to make life more enjoyable in the meanwhile? I hope my personal story will answer these questions.   I had absolutely zero knowledge on anything baby-related prior to giving birth to my Ilay. I remember telling my dear husband that no […]