4 Strategies to Encourage Children’s Cooperation

4 Strategies to Encourage Children's Cooperation

Children’s lack of cooperation is almost not surprising if we come to actually think about the way we communicate with children. Here you’ll find strategies to encourage children’s cooperation as well as an explanation to why current practices don’t work. There are various reasons to fulfilling the needs of others, stemming from two opposite motivations: […]

The History of (Attachment) Parenting

The History of (Attachment) Parenting

While modernity offers us so much, it robs us from even more; take a few minutes to travel back in time. This is the history of Parenting. Before Attachment Parenting was a term, an idea you could choose to follow, or a social movement you could disregard, but the only way of life possible, the way […]

How to Talk to Kids so They Would Listen?

How to Talk to Kids so They Would Listen

If you had enough of the yelling and the fighting, and you want to know how to talk to kids so they would listen, this article is for you. Communication is the subtle dance at the heart of every relationship. It can resemble a heavy metal club or a ballroom waltz, the choice is yours. […]

How to Influence Your Child’s Behavior

How to Influence your child's behavior

It’s no secret that parental influence on children’s behavior is huge; after all, their discipline, education, and overall development is on our shoulders, right? But is it really influence we’re after, or merely change? Here’s a list of strategies to relinquish, and one powerful strategy to embrace. Every child comes to this world with his […]

Set Your Parenting Goals for 2019

Parenting Goals 2019

With just one week left to 2018, there’s no time like the present to reflect upon 2019 and set the parenting goals that will make our lives enjoyable. ENJOYABLE. No more “making it through the night”, or day, or week. No more surviving. But living and enjoying – isn’t this what we are here to […]

One Magic Sentence to Get Your Child to Cooperate – EVERY TIME

Trying to get our little ones to cooperate is one of the biggest parenting struggles. Everything would have been so great if they just followed through with our wishes, right? The good news is that learning to request in a way that meets our children’s needs is the best outset and it’s right here in […]