5 Things You Are Probably Doing Every Day that Make Parenting SO MUCH HARDER

Parenting is hard, and our society and common perceptions make it even harder. What if I told you that you could turn your relationship with your children into cooperative, compassionate, and loving with a few tweaks of perception? Parenting is hard; whether you’ve been parenting for a few months or a few years – you […]

One Choice that I Make Every Day Allows Me to Be a Better Me

One Choice that I Make Every Day Allows Me to Be a Better Me

Each time I’m about to do something or say something, I pause to think: does this action breed love and compassion, or am I *re-acting*? Am I the change I wish to see, or am I the epitome of what I wish to change? Reacting to negativity with negativity is simple, it is “natural”. When […]

Calm and Present: A Simple Technique To Calm Your Anger and Remain Present

Calm and Present A Simple Technique To Calm Your Anger

Using this technique I stay present with my children and avoid anger and frustration. Sometimes the smallest things are the things that push our buttons the most. Water on the floor. Food around the table. Throwing things around. Not wanting to leave/go/come. Emotional outbursts over things we can’t relate to. All these things that lead […]

The Secret Diary of a Two-Year-Old: Chapter #1

The Secret Diary of a Two-Year-Old

The Secret Diary of a Two-Year-Old was originally written over a year ago, publishing it now makes me feel proud and happy as I see the affects of everything I teach and preach on my own family. This is everything I have ever wanted. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 Hi Everybody! My name is […]

10 Things Your Child Needs to Hear from You Every Day

Every single sentence children say is an opportunity for us to empower them, but even more so when they say that they “can’t do it”. Here are the 10 sentence I say to empower my child when he needs a boost of confidence. As parents, most of us repeat what we were told as children. […]

Goddammit! What Can You Do When Your Child Swears?

What to do when a child swears

Worried that your child started swearing and not sure how to address this behavior? Here is the connecting alternative to punishments and disconnection following a child’s use of swear words and other sorts of foul language. Swear words are part of vocabulary and children acquire these words just like they acquire any other part of […]