Attention Seeking Behaviors: the Case of the Busy Mom

There are many sorts of attention seeking behaviors, but one is known to push the buttons of most parents out there, and that’s when you simply can’t help! “Why do the kids need me the most when I’m busy and can’t help”?  This brilliant question was asked in my Facebook group, and indeed – it’s […]

Build an EVERLASTING Relationship with your Child in Six Steps

Attachment is a field in science – it explains magnetism, gravity, and the reasons for which human beings attach, also. In other words, attachment is the science of love.  Did you ever travel abroad, or got lost at the airport? Did you ask for help? If you did, then you probably didn’t notice that you […]

The Secret to a Peaceful Morning Routine For Moms Who Are DONE Fighting 

If you had enough with the fights and the power struggles and on the lookout for a peaceful morning routine that will welcome peace and patience into your family life – you are in the right place  I remember waking up in the morning, a few years ago, and letting whatever happened around me – […]

On One Mantra and the Greatest Parenting Lesson

The Greatest Parenting Lesson Taught to you by a Parenting Mentor's Own Mistake

Well, yesterday I had a hard day. I really did. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen sometimes. And it’s always a great parenting lesson, so I decided to share it with you. We woke up at 7am. We had a lovely morning and everything was going great 🙂 A few friends called us […]

How To Become Your Child’s BEST FRIEND

Mother and two daughters. How to become your child's best friend?

If you want to become your child’s best friend, this is the shift in state of mind you are looking for. Out of love for our children, we’re on a constant mission to make everything better. But missions are for wars, not for human beings with loving connections.  For us to become our children’s best […]