10 Things I Do Each Day to Build an Unbreakable Bond With My Children

Mother and daughter

Relationships are work, sometimes even a hard work. But when it comes to our state of mind, our children, and partners, this is the most gratifying work of them all, because it directly reflects upon our and their happiness. Something about my mindset, and my state of mind, had always been different. I experienced this […]

Sibling Rivalry: Cause, Effect & Management Strategies

What Causes Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a major cause for conflicts, fights, and power struggles between siblings and parents alike. In this article you will find the real cause to sibling rivalry, outlines in a way you’ve never heard before. And a few tips to help you manage 🙂 Imagine having an amazing relationship with your partner. No […]

Among all Games to Play with Kids – this is the Only Game Worth Playing

Games to play with kids

Looking for games to play with kids? We often forget that LIFE is the biggest, most important game our kids will ever play. And it’s a game like no other. This article was originally written for and published on SocialKids.ca.  Children learn most efficiently through play, that was already established, and children seem to play all […]

What Kind of a Grown Up Will Your Child Be?

Attachment Styles

We often talk about kids, and for many, trying to imagine these little toddlers in their adulthood is a hard task. This article is about adults; they may be your friends or colleagues, siblings or partners, and they all carry behavioral and emotional patterns rooted deep in their childhood. Almost everyone I’ll talk to would […]

10 Tips for Mindful Parenting

A simple tweak to perception can change your life. If you would like less stress, less overwhelm, less fights and less self-judgment – these 10 mindful parenting tips will get you on the track to peace of mind It happens to all of us, dozens of times, each day. When I try to make dinner […]