Reconnect with your true self and find your unique voice – a voice your children (and family) will listen to, cooperate with, and open up to.

Life doesn’t have to be a power struggle; there’s a way to live the life of compassion, cooperation, and mutual understanding . At any age. 

If you are struggling, I am here to assist and help you find the joy of parenting through the language of love and life. Together we will find your unique voice and the true values you wish to instill. We will learn how to manage anger and impatience, and trade these with compassion and love.

Here’s a little bit about what I actually do: 


1-on-1 Coaching

No matter how old you are, and how old your children are, you’ve been on the same parenting path for quite some time now, and if you are reading this page, it means that something doesn’t work. 

Do you feel that no one understands you? 

Did you have enough of the power struggles and the fights, the talking back and the lack of talking? 

Do you feel that parenting just doesn’t need to be so lonely, and estranged? 

Do you just want to push the RESTART button and, well, yea – start over? Get to know these wonderful people who you love most, but can’t seem to communicate with? 

Email me at and we will talk further. 


We’re all different but our struggles, as parents, are very similar. I host a dedicated one-on-one session with one member of the group, and share it with the tribe. By solving the problems of one – we will, together, solve all members’ problems. 

In addition to the weekly spotlight, you will receive weekly Nonviolent Communication lessons and Mindfulness practices that will allow you to welcome peace back home and live the family life you’re yearning to live.