Parent mentoring using the model of Nonviolent Communication is your path to a compassionate, cooperative, and loving parenting experience where the needs of all parties are equally met.



If you are a struggling, in any aspect of life or parenting – I am here to assist and help you find the joy of parenting through the language of love and life. Together we will find your unique voice and the true values you wish to instill. We will find the courage to handle this change in a society that is not always favorable, and we will give you the strength to follow your heart.

Are My Services Right for You?

  1. If you want to learn how to handle day to day challenges using a new method that significantly decreases stress, anger, fights, and struggles
  2. If you heard about the way Nonviolent Communication affects lives and would like to learn more
  3. If you are not yet a parent, but would like to offer your future children the benefits of true communication in the way you could never enjoy

Then my services are indeed for you:

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What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a communication method that allows individuals to connect to each other’s deepest needs, create mutual understanding, and awaken the inner, most basic need, of cooperation with the ones they love.

This practical approach presupposes that everything that we do, everything that we say and think is a strategy aimed at having our needs met, and that our feelings mirror our needs.

When understanding our own needs, knowing what matters to us most and where our words and actions stem from, we learn to see what matters to our loved ones, what their words and actions stem from. When we treat this information purely, through empathy and self expression, we connect to ourselves, and to our loved ones. This place of contentedness allows us to make positive, empowering choices, far from the field of fear, guilt, and shame most of us are operating within.

This deep level of understanding, of connection to self and to the other, enables all participants to mediate conflicts and create the sense of closeness and empowerment in every interaction.

NVC creates a field of acceptance where we all meet, free from judgment and interpretation. When the connection of hearts is present, we can give the needed space to our needs and feelings, and the same space to the needs and feelings of our loved ones. This deep connection makes cooperation, listening, mutual understanding, and profound empathy possible.

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Viki de Lieme

Hi there! Welcome to my home 🙂 I am a mom, a parent coach and educator, a Nonviolent Communication specialist, and attachment parenting advocate. I help children (and their parents) reconnect and find the joy of family life.