Serenity, Peace, and Patience: a FREE 5-Day Summer Challenge To Empower Your Parenting

Would you like to learn how to stay loving, calm, patient, and peaceful when the kids are driving you crazy, in 5 days? 

I know what you must be thinking; this isn’t your first summer with the kids (or is it?) and you already know what to expect and it scares the ^%&* out of you and increases your anxiety levels (or don’t you? And this scares you even more?).

Where will you find the patience? How will you deal with the constant whining, crying, and demanding? How will you manage to keep your cool when it’s so fricking hot and everyone are constantly all over you?

It can sound, look, and feel overwhelming. But believe me – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Starting July 8 I will be hosting a FREE COOL SUMMER challenge over at my Facebook group. Each day, for 5 days, you will receive an email with a life-altering lesson that will be followed by a video and a short discussion in my Facebook group.

You will receive the information you need to create the COOL, calm, and relaxed summer you are longing for, and the support you’ll need to make it happen.

Why A Patience Challenge? 

My community had been asking for a patience challenge for a while now; patience is our biggest struggle when things are taking too long, when kids are being too loud, when the house is too messy, and when life is just out of order. 

If it seems like finding patience is all we need to lead a better, easier, and more joyful life – it is because it is really so. 

Our reactions are everything; our reactions determine our feelings, the reactions of our children, and our children’s feelings. Because if no one yet told you, I will now – you are everything to your children. 

You are the compass, the lighthouse, the map, and the leading guide. What you see around the house is what you teach, and there’s no better way to empower your children than to empower yourself. 

Follow this link and sign up for the challenge – you have absolutely nothing to lose

And what you will gain? 

Patience. a lot of patience. 

Having a hard time just thinking about summer? This FREE 5-day challenge will take your parenting from fights and power struggles to serenity, peace, and patience in 5 days. Learn how to remain calm and peaceful even (and especially) when you are surrounded by chaos #mindfulness #mindfulparenting #positiveparenting #attachmentparenting #feelings #childrensbigfeelings #summer #summerchallenge #parentingchallenge


Here’s what we’ll be doing:

Day 1: Defining Our Purpose

When we don’t know WHY we are doing things – we operate on auto-pilot.

When we raise our voices, get mad, angry, or frustrated, our feelings stem from the THOUGHTS we have about whatever it is that just happened. Once we define our purpose and close the door on judgment – compassion and empathy will find their way in.

Today we will learn HOW to close this door.

Day 2: Being Present, Breathing, Taking Action

Being present and staying away from judgment is daily work; today we will go over some impressions from the previous day and offer two tips that will allow us to ACT instead of REACTING (with anger).

Day 3: Re-framing to Love

Everything people do and say stems from our inner need for connection and acceptance; in addition, kids often seek autonomy.

This means that it doesn’t really matter what the spoken word is – there are only two responses that can actually make things better: a response that gives our children the sense of acceptance, of being seen, heard, and respected, and a response that gives the sense of autonomy.

Today we’ll learn how to translate everything we hear into these two messages and go over possible responses.

Day 4: Loving Ourselves

Focusing on the kids is easy, right? We’ve been doing that ever since the day they were born 🙂 But what about us? Don’t our feelings matter? Isn’t the way that we feel a huge factor in who we are and how we bring ourselves into this world and everything that we do or say?  

Today we will learn how to treat ourselves with compassion and empathy, and remove these layers of guilt and shame that are so actively and presently ruling our lives, so often getting the better of us.  

Day 5: Waking Up In The Morning And Realizing Things Just Got a Little Easier

Today we will focus on how this shift in paradigm makes us feel.

Spoiler alert: There’s a massive bonus on day 5!

It might take a day or two to sense this FREEDOM, but you will feel lighter right away 🙂

Excited? I know I am!

See you soon 🙂

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