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Let me coach you on the 10 things I do each day to ensure an amazing relationship with my children.



I believe that we must truly be something to be able to pass it forward. This goes for parenting and mentoring as well. The following is a pretty clear description of my life (and the lives of parents who join my program):

These are the 10 things I do each day to ensure an amazing relationship with my children:

  1. I ask for help. I’ve been doing it since day one. I ask for a glass of water, I ask for help getting up, I ask for help tidying up. This helps make EVERYONE givers and teaches giving through receiving.
  2. I expect nothing. I am the only one responsible for my needs. Losing the expectations frees my loved ones to give – because they want to, not because I want them to.
  3. I treat EVERYTHING given to me as the true present that it is. The glass of water, the bit of help, the pure intention. Everything is met with a kiss, a huge hug, and a smiling heart. This teaches that giving IS receiving, and that the joy is mutual.
  4. I love – for free. Nothing can ever, and I mean – ever – condition my love. No matter what happens, no matter what was said or done – it will never cost my connection, the cuddles, or the bedtime story. These are sacred. This teaches that nothing can ever come between us.
  5. I respect and accept all emotions. Even when it’s hard, even when I’m tired and out of patience. Emotions are the beating heart of a child. Loving a child is loving all his emotions. This teaches acceptance, coping skills, and resilience.
  6. I don’t judge. Amazing, lovable, my sunshine, and my love are the only words I ever utter after “YOU ARE”. This teaches the freedom to be.
  7. I don’t interpret. I can’t ever know why someone did something he did; my guess is as good as anyone else’s. I ask. And if I can’t get an answer – I accept whatever happens as is, knowing that my interpretation will only cause ME harm. This teaches the freedom to act.
  8. I come closer. I never push away. I am always there. No matter what happens. This teaches the real strength of unconditional love.
  9. I express myself. Authentically. I share my feelings, all of them. I share my desires, and my wishes. I am always honest about what lives in me. This teaches honesty and acceptance of self.
  10. I let myself be. I let everyone be. Themselves. In their most authentic self expression. Without judgment or interpretation, without expectation, in a world where love is free and all emotions are welcome. In a world that celebrates the power of connection, where every day is the purest, most beautiful present. This teaches peace, love, and nonviolence.

This approach to life allows me the connection with myself and the connection with my loved ones that is the KEY to happiness.

If you want to know which tools I’m using to make the above list my daily life, if you want to know how I communicate with my family and with myself, if you want to know how I build a reality of peace – take me up on this offer, let my family coaching program change your life.

I won’t only make you happy – but it would make me happy, too 🙂


Viki de Lieme

Hi there! Welcome to my home 🙂 I am a mom, a parent coach and educator, a Nonviolent Communication specialist, and attachment parenting advocate. I help children (and their parents) reconnect and find the joy of family life.