Positive Parenting Seminar


A comprehensive positive parenting seminar – at the privacy of your home. Attend alone, with your partner, or with a group of friends who are all looking to empower their parenting.


This positive parenting seminar is your turning point: go from power struggle based parenting, to compassion and cooperation, mutual understanding, and empowerment.

Empower Your Parenting

During this 2-hour seminar you will receive all the knowledge and information you need about your children’s inner motivations, how to get them going, how to empower yourself as a parent and empower your children to become the best adults they can possibly become.

Parenting Strategies

During this positive parenting seminar we will go over the strategies you have been using until now, and replace these with positive strategies that are proven to strengthen the connection between your children and you.

We will examine the language and communication methods used around the house, and strengthen the points need strengthening.

The positive parenting seminar defines your parenting goals (you’d be surprised how many there are!) and makes sure that your parenting style will indeed accomplish your goals.

In addition to the useful information, this seminar is a great activity to take part in – this parenting seminar is humorist, easy going, and flows as well with beer as it does wit coffee.

This parenting seminar is a great present for parents, and even parents to be.

How will This Work?

I will contact you within 24 hours from the moment of payment, and we will schedule a time for the positive parenting seminar to take place.

Cancellations are acceptable within 24 hours prior to the set date.

Email me at viki@parentsenlight.com with all questions you might have, I’ll gladly hop on a call to explain more and see if we’re a good fit.

Hope to meet you soon!

Viki de Lieme

Hi there! Welcome to my home 🙂 I am a mom, a parent educator, a Nonviolent Communication specialist, and attachment parenting advocate. I help children (and their parents) reconnect and find the joy of family life.