Ozzy and the Prickly Huggles

Ozzy’s home life is full of cuddles, huggles and snuggles. Mom loves his prickly self and adores him unconditionally, but the real world is different. Out there, no one can imagine loving anyone so prickly.

Will Ozzy ever meet someone who will see through his prickles and feel at home again?

Join Ozzy on his journey, perhaps YOU will be the one he finds?



When it is time for Ozzy to venture out into the real world, he learns that unconditional love is hard to find, and even harder if you’re prickly. 

Through fall and winter Ozzy searches for a new friend, someone who’d love and accept him exactly the way that he is. But he is rejected, time and again. The rabbit, the squirrel, and the Guppy just don’t understand – how can you cuddle, and huggle a hedgehog? 

But Ozzy doesn’t give up until he finds that unique someone. 

Ozzy’s story is a story of perseverance, courage, inclusion, and self-acceptance that will teach every child to never ever give up on their dreams and to love themselves and others exactly how they are. 


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