Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE”

In the Truth about “MINE,” the second book in the Jacky & Raff series, Jacky discovers that sharing is not about giving but about feeling together, be it toys or emotions. Having realized this lesson, he creates a new reality between himself and his younger brother, Cal.



5-Star Readers’ Favorite!

“Sharing is not about giving, it’s about feeling together,” said the giraffe, in a warm and comforting voice. “What’s in your heart?”

Fed up by his younger brother constantly snagging his toys, and seeking his mama’s support, Jacky doesn’t understand what she means when she talks about the weird choice of “sharing”. What’s his is his, isn’t it? With the help of his compassionate friend, Raff, Jacky soon learns that sharing is not about giving, but about feeling together and growing stronger – together.

Jacky & Raff and the Truth about Mine is the second in Viki de Lieme’s Mindfulness book series for preschoolers and young readers that teaches the valuable life lessons of kindness to siblings, sharing, compassion, empathy, and positive communication. After falling in love with Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE”, your family can find more Mindfulness, positive communication skills, kindness, and empathy reading Jacky and Raff and the Language of YES.

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