Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES

In Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES, Jacky takes his first steps on his journey to self discovery. He learns how to find the YES hidden behind every NO, and how to communicate so that Mama can understand him.



5-Star Readers’ Favorite! 

“There’s a YES behind every NO… and speaking your YES will help your Mama understand you.”

Jacky and Raff and the Language of Yes is an inspirational and beautifully illustrated book for kids ages 3-7 that teaches toddlers, Pre-K, and early elementary readers the essential life skills of inclusion, kindness, and individuality.

When an argument with his mom sends the upset Jacky running for the trees, he finds himself face-to-face with an unexpected new friend. With the help of the wise and friendly giraffe, the headstrong little jackal soon learns the value of using the ‘Language of YES’. But, is learning enough? Can Jacky use his new positive communication skills to make up with his mom and prevent future arguments?

Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES is the first volume of Viki de Lieme’s Mindfulness book series for children and teaches preschoolers and young readers about finding the YES hidden behind every NO (and kids say a lot of NO!). It is also about saying YES to unexpected friendships, listening skills and positive verbal communication with parents. Jacky and Raff is sure to become your child’s favorite bedtime story, as they follow the young animals into the vibrantly illustrated savanna and learn valuable morals and self-discovery skills.

“Not all enemies will eat you,” said Raff. “Some enemies will block you from having a great life or getting along with others. Sometimes those enemies are your own words.”

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