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Angry Child

10 Reasons Explaining Your Child’s Explosive Anger

Lia, my little one, started daycare last week. It takes all children a while to adjust to change, and she seems to be doing very well during the day, but the mornings are super hard. Probably, mainly for me.  Together with Lia, another girl started the same daycare; she’s Lia’s

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10 Reasons Why Tantrums are a GOOD THING

Yesterday, when I woke up at 6 AM and understood that nothing changed since I went to sleep last night, I broke down. Yup. I had a full-blown grown-up tantrum.  I cried, I yelled at my husband, I kicked the bed, and I allowed myself to feel and express the

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Five Things I do Each Day to Experience More Calm and Less Anger

Family life is a crazy thing. There were previously only you, or only the two of you; now, there are more people. Young people. With their wishes, dreams, and desires. Their needs, their feelings, and their impulse control (or the lack thereof). Navigating all this is often overwhelming, frustrating, and

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10 Things You Can do if Your Child is a Sore Loser

I used to think of my child as a sore loser. I can’t even count the number of times my five-year-old threw the biggest tantrum, including throwing dice and all pieces over the floor and yelling for a significant amount of time after losing a game.  I know how to

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How to Strengthen Your Child's Impulse-Control

How to Strengthen Your Child’s Impulse-Control

No matter how old your child is, impulse-control (or the lack thereof) is a real parenting struggle. This is How to Strengthen Your Child’s Impulse-Control using positive parenting They might be too fast to hit a sibling, too insistent on something to happen NOW, and continuously asking for the same

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