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Positive Parenting Blog

6 Positive Parenting Solutions to Everyday Parenting Challenges

So many parents fear that positive parenting equals permissive parenting, and it is everything but the truth.  Positive parenting is about giving children what they need; it is not about giving them what they want. Pro tip: when you know you’re giving your children everything they need – you are

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Angry Child

10 Reasons Explaining Your Child’s Explosive Anger

Lia, my little one, started daycare last week. It takes all children a while to adjust to change, and she seems to be doing very well during the day, but the mornings are super hard. Probably, mainly for me.  Together with Lia, another girl started the same daycare; she’s Lia’s

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10 Reasons Why Tantrums are a GOOD THING

Yesterday, when I woke up at 6 AM and understood that nothing changed since I went to sleep last night, I broke down. Yup. I had a full-blown grown-up tantrum.  I cried, I yelled at my husband, I kicked the bed, and I allowed myself to feel and express the

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