The Secret to a Peaceful Morning Routine For Moms Who Are DONE Fighting 

If you had enough with the fights and the power struggles and on the lookout for a peaceful morning routine that will welcome peace and patience into your family life – you are in the right place 

I remember waking up in the morning, a few years ago, and letting whatever happened around me – get to me, and into me. If someone were upset – I’d be upset. My family’s anger made me angry; if they lacked patience, mine was out of the window in no time. Until one day, it got to me that instead of leading the way to a place we all want to be at, I’m letting them “drag me down with them.” 

Emotions Are Viral

They move from one person to another, usually intensifying as they go. Unless we do something active about it, break the cycle, and embrace peace, patience, compassion, and love. These feelings are viral, too 🙂  

So one day, I did. I made a decision that I will not let life carry me from one emotion to the other, that I won’t float around this massive body of water called life, and let the waves take me wherever they want. Because honestly – I was drowning. 

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My Life – My Decision 

And this isn’t the life I wanted for myself or my family. So I dropped my anchor of peace. I made a mindful, wholehearted decision to start living differently and lead my family (and everyone around me who’s like to join) into my peace.

My Peaceful Morning Routine 

So the next day, I dropped what I since call “my emotional anchor,” a decision to not go with the chaotic flow,  but to lead everyone around me to peace. And so I created the mantra that had since become my peaceful morning routine, that reminds me of who I am, what I am here to do, why am I here doing all this, and how I will do it this day. 

The Peaceful Morning Mantra That Works For Me

The following mantra is what I use to remind myself HOW I want to lead my life, the kind of parent that I want to be, and keeps me focused on this goal each day: 

I am a rock. I am my emotional compass. I am my emotional anchor. No one can drag me into feelings I’m not interested in feeling. I am the epitome of peace. Peace is everywhere around me, but finding it is up to me. I love my family, and they love me, and this is the only emotion I am going with today. Nothing can move me from my love. Nothing can shift me from loving. Today I am love. Today I am peace. Today I am patience. Today I will not do anything that won’t lead to compassion, empathy, love, and peace. This mantra is my compass. This promise to myself is my anchor.  

And what can I tell you? I never looked back. 

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Parenting with Purpose 

When we aim to start parenting with peace, patience, calm, and compassion, we need to make a few mindful decisions that will actually allow for this paradigm shift. 

If we want to parent with purpose, we first need a purpose, don’t we? Ask yourself this: what kind of a world do I want to live in? What can I do today to make this world into my new reality? 

It’s Your Life We’re Talking About

I want to give you a key out of this life. I want you to find your emotional compass, I want you to be your anchor to peace, serenity, and patience. And all this starts with a peaceful morning routine. With a mindful promise that ONLY YOU can make for yourself and your family, that will change your life. A better, connected experience of life is just around the corner.  

Life Of Chaos 

I remember the immense freedom I felt and my sudden ability to breath when I just knew that my house and my family would no longer be ruled by chaos. This peaceful morning routine might sound super easy, but the truth is that it isn’t, yet it is a wonderful start. Real peace and patience require us to let go of the beliefs we were, until now, fighting for. It requires us to unlearn many of the life lessons that we’ve learned, the life lessons that kept us apart and made sure we will continue fighting. 

Goodbye Chaos 

It requires us to make emotion coaching a way of life. It requires us to embrace peace from within – it is possible. And if done mindfully and wholeheartedly – this will be the best decision you will ever make. 

Hello Freedom 

Click the image to join this (free) 5-day video challenge and take the first steps to a life of peace, patience, and serenity. Learn how to have more fun with your children, how to enjoy the present moment, and how to let go of anger. I will be here to support you each day. 

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I’d love to meet you either way 🙂 

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