Goddammit! What Can You Do When Your Child Swears?

Children's Behavior, Nonviolent Communication

Here is the connecting alternative to punishments and disconnection following a child’s use of swear words and other sorts of foul language. Swear words are part of vocabulary and children acquire these words just like they acquire any other part of vocabulary. Research shows that by the time children enroll to school they already know […]

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Kids and Limits: Make it Work

Nonviolent Communication, Empowering Parents

Most parents I meet are looking for beneficial strategies to set healthy limits with their children, without fighting, yelling, or having to power struggles. Here it is, in 3 steps. Setting limits and boundaries on children’s behavior is one of the challenges of parenting for the very simple reason that we feel the need for […]

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Anger Management Tip for Moms and Dads

Nonviolent Communication, Empowering Parents

Do you wish to be less angry, less judgmental, more responsive, and more connected to our children? Here’s the single anger management tip that will take you a step closer to the parent who you want to be.   Imagine you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly someone bumps into you. […]

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Sibling Rivalry: Cause, Effect & Management Strategies

Children's Big Feelings, Children's Behavior, Attachment Parenting, Nonviolent Communication

Sibling rivalry is a major cause for conflicts, fights, and power struggles between siblings and parents alike. In this article you will find the real cause to sibling rivalry, outlines in a way you’ve never heard before. And a few tips to help you manage.   Imagine having an amazing relationship with your partner. No […]

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How to Influence Your Child’s Behavior

Empowering Parents

It’s no secret that parental influence on children’s behavior is huge; after all, their discipline, education, and overall development is on our shoulders, right? But is it really influence we’re after, or merely change? Here’s a list of strategies to relinquish, and one powerful strategy to embrace. Every child comes to this world with his […]


What Kind of a Grown Up Will Your Child Be?

Attachment Parenting

We often talk about kids, and for many, trying to imagine these little toddlers in their adulthood is a hard task. This article is about adults; they may be your friends or colleagues, siblings or partners, and they all carry behavioral and emotional patterns rooted deep in their childhood. Almost everyone I’ll talk to would […]


The Truth About Mommy Guilt

Nonviolent Communication, Empowering Parents

Guilt is our second skin. For as long as we will continue living and breathing this world’s common perceptions, guilt will follow us like a shadow. And Mommy Guilt is the hardest kind. But what if there was a way, a proven way, to challenge that perception and overcome Mommy Guilt? Accept my invitation, if […]


How to Teach Your Child Respect?

Nonviolent Communication

Disrespectful children and the idea of teaching children to show respect is a widely discussed topic, but what do we really do when we teach respect? Read on. A while back I did a little survey in my parenting support group on Facebook, where I asked parents to describe the behavior of a respectful child, […]


Terrible Twos: how to Make it Wonderful

Children's Behavior

The Terrible Twos are coined “Terrible Twos” because it’s a challenging, hard period. Both on us, parents, and on our little ones. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. Read on. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how much I believe in the power of knowledge; and in […]


Tips to Deal with a Whining and Crying Child

Children's Big Feelings

When I google this question, Parents dot com is the first result, advising to withdraw connection (oh God), praise (oh Lord), and hang in there (oh My). Here’s what you can really do to handle a child who often cries and whines. Indeed, having to deal with a child whose main form of communication is […]


How to Help An Emotional Child

Children's Big Feelings

As parents, we are right there next to our little ones, in laughter and joy, but also in sadness, grief, and pain. Here’s how we can actually help our children through unpleasant emotions. Wherever I go, whether online or face-to-face interactions, I seem to stumble upon the phrases “negative feelings” and “positive feelings”. And I […]