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Online Parent Coaching: Comfortable, Affordable, Life Changing

I invite you to see how Nonviolent Communication can affect your parenting, your relationship, and your life in general. If you had enough of the frustration, fighting, screaming, crying and the power struggles – join the hundreds who already know – Nonviolent Communication is the way to inner peace and to beneficial and cooperative relationships with all family members. I know this might sound like an empty promise, because you’ve already tried so many strategies and nothing seems to work, but give me a chance – you don’t even have to pay for it.

The Benefits of Online Parent Coaching

Online coaching is the new best thing in the world of coaching – you enjoy the benefits of sharing your story with me without leaving your house; you can take as long as you need to write to make sure you are being accurate and precise in your descriptions. In addition, you will be able to review my reply and offered strategies at any given moment without losing your mind trying to recall what was it that I said. You can share parts of my reply, all of it, or chose to keep it to yourself. The choice is always yours.

The transformations seen in my virtual clinic are truly exciting 🙂

Choose Your Coaching Plan

1 Session

Share your hardships and struggles, and receive practical tools to empower yourself and your family for a single payment of $150.

3 Sessions

This Package allows a deeper look into the the behavioral patterns that are governing the way your family operates. We will delve deeper into the heart and reasoning behind all family members’ motivations and will find alternative strategies to meet everyone’s needs. 3 sessions are now available for $400 only.

6 Sessions

Within 6 sessions we are able to get to the core needs and feelings of all family members and learn to communicate in cooperation-fostering manners. We will be able to strengthen the attachment and connection between all family members and remind ourselves what makes us truly happy. After these 6 session, and given that you will apply what you will learn – you will not be able to recognize the life you lived before. This package is now available for $600.

ParentsEnlight Monthly Package

Online Parent Coaching


12 sessions a month, including 24/7 WhatsApp support – this package is ParentsEnlight’s best selling package. A full month of Attachment and Nonviolent Communication coaching, after which the new YOU will emerge into this world. The parent you want to be, the peaceful person you want to become, and the empowering individual you always knew you were. All these will emerge into this world and turn your family life, your relationships and communication into simply beautiful. This is available to you for a limited time only, for a single payment of $899.

Here is a Small Part of What You’ll Gain from Online Parent Coaching:

  1. Learn how judgment and interpretation affect you and your family life
  2. Learn to see the real, human occurrence that you’re in (without judgment and interpretation)
  3. Learn how to use feelings as a compass leading you towards your and your loved ones’ needs
  4. Learn how to communicate your needs and teach your loved ones to communicate their needs
  5. Learn how to differentiate needs from strategies
  6. Learn how to single out strategies that no longer work
  7. Learn how to find alternative strategies that do work
  8. Learn how to address the needs of your loved ones
  9. Learn how to grow better and stronger attachments
  10. Learn how to celebrate life and relationships to the fullest


If you want more of the amazing feedback I received from the incredible families I was lucky enough to work with before you commit – just ask 🙂

And you are welcome to join my parenting support group on Facebook right here and follow the members’ discussions. Hope to meet you soon 🙂