Online Parent Coaching: Comfortable, Affordable, Life Changing

The Parent Coaching program offered by ParentsEnlight is unique, both in the world of coaching in general and in the sphere of parent coaching in particular.

About ParentsEnlight Parent Coaching Program

Our services are not priced by the session, but rather, by a time period. I believe that to successfully learn and implement Nonviolent Communication, the language of love and compassion, one must practice it daily, just as if he was learning a new language. And so our packages include unlimited communication with your coach – whether it is over Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime video calls, Skype, or any other communication method.


We might be on the other side of the world, and so limited by our different definitions of night time, but otherwise – we are available at all times, to provide with answers, clarifications, examples, and new ideas to make your family life ENJOYABLE.

Believe it or not, we are as committed to your process as you are, as your happiness is our success.   

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1 Week of Unlimited Parent Coaching

In this package you will share your situation and current state of relationship in the most detailed manner, and will receive an elaborate and profound analysis of reasons, dynamics, motivations, and actionable items, all aimed at one goal: bettering the corporation, compassion, and empathy between your children and you. During this week of coaching you will be encouraged to experience your parenting from a standpoint of mindfulness, avoiding automatic responses in which there is no room for actual choice. We will support you 24/7 with every decision, question, hesitation and celebration.

2 Weeks of Unlimited Parent Coaching

In addition to everything described in the previous offer, this extra week will provide you with more opportunities to share daily happenings with your coach, and to receive her take and suggestions on it. You will be able to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Nonviolent Communication, thus understanding of the human soul and its inner motivation.

From my experience, very few stop after a week or two of coaching, and for this reason I offer the discounted month plan:   

1 Month of Unlimited Coaching

This is ParentsEnlight flag program, both in our opinion and in the opinion of the amazing parents we have already worked with. Just like learning a new language, it requires patience, devotion, and – you guessed it – a lot of compassion. Mainly to ourselves.

Breaking old habits is hard, and returning to old habits is easy. For this reason, time is a meaningful feature of learning, practicing, and making Nonviolent Communication the language if YOUR life.

Our aim is to aid as many families as possible by exposing them to the world of needs and feelings, which is the epitome of the human soul.

Like the enchanting words of Rumi: “Out beyond the right and wrong there is a field. I’ll meet you there”, ParentsEnlight is proud to help families from all over the world to reunite in that magical field.

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Here is a Small Part of What You’ll Gain from joining ParentsEnlight Coaching:

  1. Learn how judgment and interpretation affect you and your family life
  2. Learn to see the real, human occurrence that you’re in (without judgment and interpretation)
  3. Learn how to use feelings as a compass leading you towards your and your loved ones’ needs
  4. Learn how to communicate your needs and teach your loved ones to communicate their needs
  5. Learn how to differentiate needs from strategies
  6. Learn how to single out strategies that no longer work
  7. Learn how to find alternative strategies that do work
  8. Learn how to address the needs of your loved ones
  9. Learn how to grow better and stronger attachments
  10. Learn how to celebrate life and relationships to the fullest

Start your new life right Here:

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Viki de Lieme

Hi there! Welcome to my home 🙂 I am a mom, a parent coach and educator, a Nonviolent Communication specialist, and attachment parenting advocate. I help children (and their parents) reconnect and find the joy of family life.