“We don’t spank our children” is the first thing that most parents tell me when they come across my group or website. Violence, however, has a very broad scope. While sticks and stones might break our bones, fear, guilt, and shame shape our souls for years to come; and they’re as painful as physical violence. 

It’s hard to perceive, because we were all brought up with these strategies of fear, guilt, and shame, so that many of us find it “normal”, and even beneficial. But it isn’t. Fear, guilt, and shame are the root cause to all the behaviors that we wish to change, to fights and power struggles, to disconnection and miscommunication. If we wish to live life of empathy, compassion, connection, and cooperation – these strategies are the first we’d like to root out of our lives, out of our parenting. 

And this is exactly what I do with my clients; I teach them a way to think and a way to speak that makes everyone around them want to listen, and choose to cooperate. 

I teach them how to build unbreakable bonds with their children; bond that will last a lifetime. 

Is this what you want? Did you have enough of the daily struggles, the fights, and the disconnection? Do you want everything to just be so much easier? Contact me. 

I’m here for you. 

Feel free to email me at vikidelieme at gmail dot com.