“No More Tantrums: Empowering Children to Peace of Mind”

This philosophical and a practical book that takes you step by step into the reasons for which parent-child relationships and communication methods have reached their current state, and how you can improve your relationships with a tweak to communication and perception.

Originally aimed at parents with toddlers, this book literally wrote itself and ended up being something completely different. To accommodate these changes, I’ve divided the book into three parts:

Part One: A First Aid Section on Toddler Tantrums

This section, which was my original purpose when I ventured on the journey of writing this book, includes everything you need to know on toddler tantrums. Where do emotional outbursts come from, what do toddlers really need, introduction to existential human needs and how these profess themselves during toddlerhood, and of course – how to actually address these needs to provide our little ones with the peace of mind they need for their wholesome development.

Part Two: Behind the Scenes of the Human Soul

Upon completing the first part, something felt incomplete. I then understood that providing readers with a first aid kit is absolutely fabulous, but to allow readers actually to use it, I will need to go deeper into the souls of the readers themselves. Because children are human beings, they are younger, but we all operate the same and for us to be able to make the language of life into our way of living – this is what we must fathom.

Part Three: Nonviolent Communication Translated to Real Life

Upon completing the first and second parts, I knew what has to be written next. You see, NVC is not only a language of life, but it is also the compass to a calm, and peaceful soul. It gives us all the tools we need to stay away from judgment, to remain present in every given situation, and to choose connection rather than disconnection consistently and intentionally. This part gives you what YOU NEED to make the previous two parts happen.

And this is my promise to YOU following the reading of the book: even if you will only incorporate 20% of its lessons: life will be significantly easier and much more enjoyable. 

Who Is This Book For? 

While originally aimed for parents of toddlers and young children, as the writing advanced it had become clear that this book is for everyone – parents to children or all ages, as well as parents to be. 

The strategies toddlers, kids, tweens, and teens use to have their needs met are very different – but their needs are identical. Reading this book you will learn how to address the actual needs presently and vividly living within your child and how to influence their behavior to better meet their, and your needs. 

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a communication method that allows individuals to connect to each other’s deepest needs, create mutual understanding, and awaken the inner, most basic need, of cooperation with the ones they love.

This practical approach presupposes that everything that we do, everything that we say and think is a strategy aimed at having our needs met, and that our feelings mirror our needs.

When understanding our own needs, knowing what matters to us most and where our words and actions stem from, we learn to see what matters to our loved ones, what their words and actions stem from. When we treat this information purely, through empathy and self expression, we connect to ourselves, and to our loved ones. This place of contentedness allows us to make positive, empowering choices, far from the field of fear, guilt, and shame most of us are operating within.

This deep level of understanding, of connection to self and to the other, enables all participants to mediate conflicts and create the sense of closeness and empowerment in every relationship.

NVC creates a field of acceptance where we all meet, free from judgment and interpretation. When the connection of hearts is present, we can give the needed space to our needs and feelings, and the same space to the needs and feelings of our loved ones. This deep connection makes cooperation, listening, mutual understanding, and profound empathy possible.

All this knowledge, and a mass of practical, easy-to-use strategies are available to you with “No More Tantrums: Empowering Children to Peace of Mind“.

From the Readers of No More Tantrums: Empowering Children to Peace of Mind

“I was amazed to learn how many of our actions and words are automatic, having nothing to do with who we are and what we really want. This book is a must read for all parents”

“I am thankful for the opportunity given to me to read this book while still awaiting my first born. I’m sure that if all parents-to-be could read this – our future would be much brighter”

“It’s one of these manuscripts that you take on being a certain person, and by the time you are done reading – you are a completely different person. This is a warm recommendation for anyone who wants to start living, and parenting, differently”