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Attachment Parenting and Nonviolent Communication are still out of the ordinary, but there is no time better than the present to start practicing. 

Why Should You Practice Nonviolent Communication?

It’s a crazy world we live in; most of us work jobs we don’t really like, to provide for lives we then don’t have time to live. We’re in a constant rush, we’re always tired, often upset, nothing is ever enough and something’s always missing. We’re so rarely happy. We bring children into this world. We live vicariously through them for a little while, find true excitement in a falling leaf and real joy in a landing airplane, but it never takes too long for the race to begin. The rush. The uncertainty. The obligations. 

When there’s so much noise outside, losing our own voice is almost inevitable. And the outside world is noisy indeed. Seems that everyone knows exactly what we need to do, how we need to act and what we should feel, to be better, to be better parents, to raise better children. And the worst part is, that no matter what we do, there will always be someone to tell us that we are wrong. And we will probably listen. We are living the life of fear, guilt, and shame

Most of us aren’t happy, and this is the realty we are raising our children into. But the good news is – that change is possible. 

What Happened to Happiness?

It was 7,000 years ago that Patriarchy raised its ugly head and claimed the Reign of Fear that is now prevalent more than ever. For the past 7,000 years, human societies have been systematically distancing themselves from actual humanism, from what being human actually means. The Reign of Fear rules our thoughts, and affirms our beliefs; we must be something in order to get somewhere, we must do it well enough and get there fast enough because there just isn’t enough for everyone. We ought to obtain the knowledge, the funds, and the assets, to gain the respect, and the social status without which, we are worthless. Or, at least, not as worthy as someone else. As much as this was correct at the dawn of the Neolithic Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and capitalism promoted the Reign of Fear to its current state – rooted so deep within us, we’re not even aware we are governed by it. Fear is our second skin.

Nonviolent Communication

Practicing Nonviolent Communication allows us to stop blaming ourselves and our loved ones, lose the burden of guilt and shame and find who we really are, who they really are. Nonviolent Communication teaches us to talk to our loved ones so they would listen, and to build beneficial and cooperative relationships with the ones we love most. Using my method to Attachment Parenting, you will learn to address the needs and the feelings behind every situation, rather than reacting to easily-judged occurrence. 

Nonviolent Communication is the single, holistic method that will transform your life, and make it beautiful.

Needs and Feelings

Knowing that every human being is essentially good and only strives to meet his needs, allows us to see and be part of the strategy meeting these needs, rather than part of who undermines them. Healthy attachments between content individuals are relationships where all participants work together to meet each other’s needs; giving is a need we all share.  

Needs are autonomous and independent, they have an existence of their own; they rely on no one and nothing. Strategies are heavily dependent; they depend on us, our children, the setting, location, state of mind and so many other factors. Needs never collide. Strategies do.

My method to Attachment Parenting through Nonviolent Communication will teach you how to build these beneficial relationships that at this moment might sound to good to be true.

Nonviolent Communication Can Make Your Life Beautiful

What You Will Learn During Coaching:  

For our children, for our future, embark on your Mindful Parenting journey today, and let me help you transform your parenting.

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