Life is hard.

Parenting is hard. 

It was all meant to be hard even when we used to have a village. Now, devoid of that village, life and parenting became so much harder. We, as parents, are always under the looking eye of previous generations, of friends, and colleagues who, unknowingly, make us question everything that we do and silence our voice.

We lose patience, we yell, we punish, we turn to what we, ourselves, perceive as last resort solutions more often than we do anything else. And we feel the guilt, the shame, and the disconnection becoming our second skin.  

Everyone parent with purpose, but what is that purpose if it stems from fear, guilt, and shame? If it lacks the authentic self-expression that is so different from one parent to another?

A life of judgment, interpretation, fear, guilt, and shame – is a life wasted. My personal goal is to free you from these burdens, to breed happiness, serenity, and acceptance, and to help you raise happy and confident children.

Nonviolent Communication and my personal method make it possible.

If you can’t recognize your own voice, if you can’t find yourself your words, and if your children can’t seem to really understand what you mean, book a call with me. 

If you NEED understanding, cooperation, peace of mind, and knowing that you are not alone in your journey, I will teach you the language of life that will allow your children to finally see you, hear you, and want to help you meet your needs. 

Click the link, book your session with me. Make your life  easier.