Knowledge is Power – Or is it Force?

If you’d take a moment to examine your harder parenting moments, you’d find that there’s a line connecting all – you were parenting from a place of judgment

Sibling rivalry?  

Child being aggressive

Child misbehaving (taking action against your values)? 

Child not listening

Child not cooperating

We judge all the above as BAD – when we do so – we completely miss the opportunity for growth, connection, and understanding that comes with those situations. 

Here’s what I do and how I make it work for me: 



Parenting without “knowldge” – why you should give it a try. And how ♥️ #parentingdoneright #breakingthecycle #cyclebreakers #parentwithunderstanding

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If you want to unlock this mindset, be it, embody it, and pass it forward to your children, Fearless, Guiltless, Shameless: Parenting Beyond Coercion is the book that you need. Follow this link to get your copy, or read for free with your KU account. 

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Yelling, bribing, punishing, threatening... Not only that they leave us feeling like crap, they also don't work in the long run. If you want to learn what does work, and why - take 1.5 minutes and unlock the mindset that will allow you to break the cycle and become the positive parent who you want to be.

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