Parenting for a Better World

Attachment Parenting through Nonviolent Communication can change the world. If there are enough of us, we will shift force into power, struggle for acceptance, pain for compassion. This is my dream.

Imagine a world of good. Imagine a society in which everyone are contributing as much as they can, and no one tells them they are not doing enough. Imagine a society driven by internal – positive – intentions, where each individual is always looking for the utmost benefit for himself, and his surrounding. Imagine a society where the benefit for self doesn’t contradict the benefit of another.

Imagine a world of self-caring individuals, who find true joy in helping others. Imagine a society that is always looking to meet the needs of others and grow together, rather than fall apart. Imagine people who act because they want, not because they must. Imagine they only want good. This is possible. All we need to do is relinquish the destructive belief we all carry, our heaviest burden – the belief there isn’t enough, the belief according to which we aren’t enough.

Everyone is Born Good

Imagine a world where everyone constantly evaluate themselves, because they are not judged by others. A world where no one can belittle the other, because appreciation comes from within. A world in which each individual is only compared to himself.

Imagine a society that embraces the suffering, that collectively acts for the better rather than re-acting the worse.

Imagine a world where the different is celebrated, empowered, and embraced.

Everyone is born good. You might think this is a cliche, and it might be so, but only because it is true. As human beings, we strive for nothing but happiness, but we were blinded by its modern definition, and true happiness is nowhere to be found.

The Modern Tyranny of the Masses

7,000 years ago everything changed. Good and bad were born, weak and strong, more and less, right and wrong. Instead of descriptions, these became definitions that govern the way our world thinks and acts. We tied our language and our perception to words that lead us nowhere, but to a constant struggle. The struggle with self, struggle with our loved ones, struggle with the world.

This modern tyranny is the tyranny of a violent language that had forgotten who we, human beings, really are. We are beings governed by attachment and love who are forced to detach to find acceptance, to fit with the social norm.

Dare to dream of a better world. #Raise your #children to make this world a better place. This is how. #AttachmentParenting #PositiveParenting #NonviolentCommunication

A Norm of Attachment

What is the norm, if not the power of majority? It happened once, but it can happen again. This time, smarter, with the knowledge of the detached world and the understanding that it has to change.

We are not raising children, we are raising tomorrow’s adults. Those little ones, running around our house, are our future leaders, future thinkers, future doers.

Attachment parenting through Nonviolent Communication can make the opening paragraphs of this article our reality. Is there anything else we want for them?

The seeds are sown – we are not alone.

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