Parenting might get lonely, specially when you make different choices. Heck, let’s be honest; life is lonely. 

In a world led by positive reinforcements, punishments, power struggles, and binary definitions the language of compassion is rarely heard. Parents, and people, are often lonely, uncertain, full of self-doubt, guilt, and shame. 

We’re here to change all this. Because you deserve happiness, your children deserve happiness, and I won’t say that getting there is easy and will only take a second – but it is more possible than you currently think. 

My Facebook group is a safe place. A supporting community where anyone can share their hardships and struggles, ask for advice, celebrate unique moments and achievements without critique or judgment. A community that will understand you, your needs, and your children’s needs and will be there for you at all times. A community where you can be part, and assist others with your unique experience.  

Anyone who speaks the language of compassion, or wants to learn this amazing new language that has the power to change people’s lives, is welcome to join. We laugh, we cry, we talk, we ask, we answer, we practice. We show each other utmost respect and always aim to assist and be part.

In our discussions, we will practice Nonviolent Communication, learn how to handle daily occurrences with empathy and compassion, and most importantly – accept the fact that we are not, and can’t be perfect. Doing our best is the best we can do.

Margaret Mead, an American anthropologist, said “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”

Together, we can bring this change forth, live a life of fulfillment and show our children how to do the same while giving them the tools they need to thrive in this world.

Join this wonderful community here 🙂