The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude makes what we have into just beautiful. If we’re brave enough to see it this way. Use these 3 tips to let gratitude change your life There is so much that I want to say about the concept, the meaning and the power of gratitude, that I don’t know where to start. I’m sure […]

Choose: Protection or Freedom?

Protection Or Freedom: Something you don't know about your child

Whether you are already the mother of three beautiful human beings, or whether you are expecting your first, what you are about to read is something you’ve never heard before. And it is crucial.    The internet is full of useful (and useless) information about anything and everything you might look for – baby sleep, […]

10 Tips for Mindful Parenting

A simple tweak to perception can change your life. If you would like less stress, less overwhelm, less fights and less self-judgment – these 10 mindful parenting tips will get you on the track to peace of mind It happens to all of us, dozens of times, each day. When I try to make dinner […]

Observation Without Evaluation

Observation Without Evaluation

Observation without evaluation is the highest form of human intelligence, noted the Indian philosopher Krishnamurti.  The human brain doesn’t like not knowing; not knowing is a form of weakness, danger that triggers our defense mechanisms, prompting us to do something to change the situation. To walk into familiar grounds, and be able to control the […]

You Can’t Stop Yelling at Your Kids

You can't stop yelling at your kids

News flash: you can’t stop yelling at your kids. Parents who tell you they don’t yell at their kids are lying to you. Articles that suggest 10 proven ways to stop yelling at your kids are click-baits. However, there is a peaceful, guilt free way of yelling at your kids, and here it is. You […]

On Autonomy and Happy Children

The Need for Autonomy

Numerous studies have shown that the main cause depriving people of happiness is the lack of autonomy, the ability to make their own choices. Here’s how autonomy (and the lack thereof) affects children (and adults). Restrictions on our autonomy are the root cause of the majority of our unpleasant feelings. Think about the feelings arising […]