Set Your Parenting Goals for 2019

Parenting Goals 2019

With just one week left to 2018, there’s no time like the present to reflect upon 2019 and set the parenting goals that will make our lives enjoyable. ENJOYABLE. No more “making it through the night”, or day, or week. No more surviving. But living and enjoying – isn’t this what we are here to […]

Overcome Mommy Guilt in One Minute

Guilt is our second skin. For as long as we will continue living and breathing this world’s common perceptions, guilt will follow us like a shadow. And Mommy Guilt is the hardest kind. But what if there was a way, a proven way, to challenge that perception and overcome Mommy Guilt? Accept my invitation, if […]

How to Teach Your Child Respect?

Teach your child respect

Disrespectful children and the idea of teaching children to show respect is a widely discussed topic, but what do we really do when we teach respect? Read on. A while back I did a little survey in my parenting support group on Facebook, where I asked parents to describe the behavior of a respectful child, […]

The Underlying Truth about Teaching Children to Say “I’m Sorry”

The Underlying Truth of Teaching Children to Say “I’m Sorry”

All too often do we ask our children to apologize, to say sorry. But how many times do they apologize? How many times do they actually mean it? And even when they do – what good is in it? Here is the true nature of apologizing, and what we should teach our little ones instead. […]

Do We Really Want Threats to Be Our Parenting Strategy?

Why Threats Don’t Work

Gaining children’s cooperation is a widely discussed topic in my clinic, and the strategy of threatening children always plays a big role. “Because it works!” they say. If it works, I ask, why are you here? “Mommy’s leaving”! “If you won’t stop doing that I’ll take <something you like> away”! “If you won’t come with […]

Forgive Your Parents, Accept Yourself

Forgive your parents

So many things happen to us when we bring children into this world. For most of us, it is the very first encounter with the epitome of purity, the first encounter with the epitome of true love. Love that is solid as a rock, yet flowing like a river’s stream; tangible, ordinary and abundant like […]