The Power of Gratitude

Nonviolent Communication

Today millions will celebrate Thanksgiving – a celebration of gratitude, overcoming of hardships, and togetherness. This article is about the power of gratitude, and 3 tips to help you get there. There is so much that I want to say about the concept, the meaning and the power of gratitude, that I don’t know where […]


10 Tips for Mindful Parenting

Nonviolent Communication, Empowering Parents

The Most Important 10 Tips for Mindful Parenting, Offered by Nonviolent Communication The next 10 Tips for mindful parenting learned from Nonviolent Communication can change our entire point of view.  NVC and the Attachment Theory offer us a whole world of learning, but most of us don’t have all that time. Few key insights are […]


Observation Without Evaluation

Nonviolent Communication

Observation without evaluation is the highest form of human intelligence, noted the Indian philosopher Krishnamurti. Why is this in an Attachment Parenting blog, and how can it transform our parenting? Read on. The human brain doesn’t like not knowing; not knowing is a form of weakness, danger that triggers our defense mechanisms, prompting us to […]


On Autonomy and Happy Children

Nonviolent Communication

Numerous studies have shown that the main cause depriving people of happiness is the lack of autonomy, the ability to make their own choices. Here’s how autonomy (and the lack thereof) affects children (and adults). Restrictions on our autonomy are the root cause of the majority of our unpleasant feelings. Think about the feelings arising […]


Patriarchy, and the Reign of Fear

Nonviolent Communication

With agricultural technologies, architecture, possession, and religion, good and evil transformed into the concepts of “good” and “bad”, too much and too little; families were torn apart, friends became enemies in the constant search for more. These concepts are governing us today, keeping Western society away from natural humanism. It was 7,000 years ago that […]