The Truth About “MINE” – Sharing is NOT About Giving

Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE” is among the favorite books I’ve authored.  We live in an isolated, lonely, online, past-pandemic society in which most of us have gotten used to being alone.  I hear of so many children out there who forgot how to socialize, or have difficulties in developing social skills, […]

One Simple Rule to Living a Beautiful Life

What if I told you that there is one thing that we, human beings, do, that ruins our lives? What if I told you that all over the world, people suffer from one phenomenon that destroys relationships, friendships, parenthood, and our perception of self? What if I told you that this is something that you […]

10 Secrets to INSPIRE a Loving Relationship Between Your Toddler and Newborn

10 Secrets to INSPIRE a Loving Relationship Between Your Toddler and Newborn

Everything starts back in the belly; like every significant change in one’s life, the new addition to the family is not only a massive change for you, it’s also an enormous change for your toddler. And not necessarily a good one… But this is how you can minimize the pain and maximize the love.  Half […]

Selfish and Proud – a New Look on Selfless Selfishness

Selfless Selfishness

Why is being selfish considered a negative trait, why do we become negatively selfish, what selfish can mean, and why I find a great pride in calling myself selfish and raising my children as such. The third module of the masterclass I am currently running (On Mindfulness and Secure Attachment) is all about identifying our […]

How Not to Talk to Children (Part 1)

So many parents find themselves using words, phrases, and sentences that lead to the exact opposite outcome than they had hoped to reach. Here’s the first article in this series of “How Not to Talk to Children.” Throughout the years, I’ve collected hundreds of examples of words, phrases, and sentences that leave parents wondering “how […]

The Secret to a Peaceful Morning Routine For Moms Who Are DONE Fighting 

If you had enough with the fights and the power struggles and on the lookout for a peaceful morning routine that will welcome peace and patience into your family life – you are in the right place  I remember waking up in the morning, a few years ago, and letting whatever happened around me – […]