Kids and Limits: Make it Work

Nonviolent Communication, Empowering Parents

Most parents I meet are looking for beneficial strategies to set healthy limits with their children, without fighting, yelling, or having to power struggles. Here it is, in 3 steps. Setting limits and boundaries on children’s behavior is one of the challenges of parenting for the very simple reason that we feel the need for […]


How to Talk to Kids so They Would Listen?

Empowering Parents

If you had enough of the yelling and the fighting, and you want to know how to talk to kids so they would listen, this article is for you. Communication is the subtle dance at the heart of every relationship. It can resemble a heavy metal club or a ballroom waltz, the choice is yours. […]


How to Influence Your Child’s Behavior

Empowering Parents

It’s no secret that parental influence on children’s behavior is huge; after all, their discipline, education, and overall development is on our shoulders, right? But is it really influence we’re after, or merely change? Here’s a list of strategies to relinquish, and one powerful strategy to embrace. Every child comes to this world with his […]


The Truth About Mommy Guilt

Nonviolent Communication, Empowering Parents

Guilt is our second skin. For as long as we will continue living and breathing this world’s common perceptions, guilt will follow us like a shadow. And Mommy Guilt is the hardest kind. But what if there was a way, a proven way, to challenge that perception and overcome Mommy Guilt? Accept my invitation, if […]


10 Tips for Mindful Parenting

Nonviolent Communication, Empowering Parents

The Most Important 10 Tips for Mindful Parenting, Offered by Nonviolent Communication The next 10 Tips for mindful parenting learned from Nonviolent Communication can change our entire point of view.  NVC and the Attachment Theory offer us a whole world of learning, but most of us don’t have all that time. Few key insights are […]