Did You Watch Moana Lately?

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Of hundreds of Disney characters out there, it is Maui from Moana that tells us the story of all too many children (and adults). If you’re anything like me, and I guess that you are if you are reading this, Disney movies have become more of a free-and-always-available-babysitter rather than an actual movie you can […]


Tips to Deal with a Whining and Crying Child

Children's Big Feelings

When I google this question, Parents dot com is the first result, advising to withdraw connection (oh God), praise (oh Lord), and hang in there (oh My). Here’s what you can really do to handle a child who often cries and whines. Indeed, having to deal with a child whose main form of communication is […]


How to Help An Emotional Child

Children's Big Feelings

As parents, we are right there next to our little ones, in laughter and joy, but also in sadness, grief, and pain. Here’s how we can actually help our children through unpleasant emotions. Wherever I go, whether online or face-to-face interactions, I seem to stumble upon the phrases “negative feelings” and “positive feelings”. And I […]


Where does Attention Seeking Behavior Stem from?

Children's Big Feelings

Attention seeking behavior is about attachment, not attention. Human beings are designed to fight against the loss of attachment. This is how you will make sure your little one never feels threatened and save yourself the headache.   We tend to think of attachments in terms of people, but the nature of attachment varies; we […]