What to Say When Your Child Calls You Out on Your Bad Habits

Do you smoke? Are you often late for pick up? Is it really hard for you to stay away from your phone?  Our children see and feel everything we do, and often even call us out on that. Addressing a situation where your child calls you out on your bad habits can be a challenging […]

How to Talk to Children about Death

A couple of years ago, when Ilay was about five, or maybe six, he met the concept of death for the first time. I can’t remember where or how, but he was terrified. The thought kept him awake in the evening and even woke him up at night. He feared us dying, and then he […]

What to Say when Your Child Says they Hate Themselves

Addressing a child expressing self-hatred or discontent with their life is a delicate matter that requires sensitivity, empathy, and active listening.  Children’s feelings are always big, and so the words they use are big, too. They can’t assess the situation through a balanced view, so they choose the words that best symbolize what’s going on […]

The Best Mindfulness Toys for Kids

When my first was born, I was determined to keep my house clutter-free, control the toys he plays with and the books he reads, make sure we spare plastic and choose wood, and… then it didn’t work out.  Life got messy; grandparents were constantly buying, friends dropped by with more and more plastics, and you […]

How to Use Storytelling to Help Calm those TANTRUMS

How to Use Storytelling to Help Calm those TANTRUMS

As positive parents, we don’t want to yell, lecture, force apologies, shame, guilt, or generate fear-driven actions.  We want to teach our young human beings to process their feelings, understand where they are coming from, and inspire them to find empowering coping strategies from within their hearts and souls.   One such strategy that I often […]

The Damages of Redirecting Children’s Behavior 

The subject of redirecting children’s behavior often comes up, and more often than not, it has to do with this strategy not working. Many parents ask me, “Why can’t I seem to redirect my child’s tantrums”? “Why can’t I redirect my child’s negative behavior”?  Let’s deconstruct what “behavior” and “redirecting” mean here…  The Truth Behind […]