What Positive Parents Won’t Buy (and why)

Perhaps I’m out of the market for these products, which is why I am not familiar with them, but when this one was shared with my group, I was pretty surprised.  I approved the post for one reason: I wanted to explain in detail why it is not a positive parenting product and should not […]

The Damages of Redirecting Children’s Behavior 

The subject of redirecting children’s behavior often comes up, and more often than not, it has to do with this strategy not working. Many parents ask me, “Why can’t I seem to redirect my child’s tantrums”? “Why can’t I redirect my child’s negative behavior”?  Let’s deconstruct what “behavior” and “redirecting” mean here…  The Truth Behind […]

Natural VS Logical Consequences and How to Use them Effectively  

The discussion about natural vs. logical consequences is broad and standard, yet many aspects of it are often overlooked. In the following article, I will take you step by step through the challenges posed by logical consequences and how to use natural consequences effectively.  The Misconception of Logical Consequences  When I googled natural vs. logical […]

What to Say When Your Child Says I HATE YOU

Some sayings are known to trigger many parents; I hate you, coming from your child, is one of them.  I want to start by saying that every child in the world will tell their parents they hate them at some point in time. Also, every parent out there will hear these words coming from their […]

Attention Seeking Behaviors: the Case of the Busy Mom

There are many sorts of attention seeking behaviors, but one is known to push the buttons of most parents out there, and that’s when you simply can’t help! “Why do the kids need me the most when I’m busy and can’t help”?  This brilliant question was asked in my Facebook group, and indeed – it’s […]