Did You Watch Moana Lately?

Children's Big Feelings, Children's Behavior

Of hundreds of Disney characters out there, it is Maui from Moana that tells us the story of all too many children (and adults). If you’re anything like me, and I guess that you are if you are reading this, Disney movies have become more of a free-and-always-available-babysitter rather than an actual movie you can […]


4 Strategies to Encourage Children’s Cooperation

Children's Behavior

Children’s lack of cooperation is almost not surprising if we come to actually think about the way we communicate with children. Here you’ll find strategies to encourage children’s cooperation as well as an explanation to why current practices don’t work. There are various reasons to fulfilling the needs of others, stemming from two opposite motivations: […]


Empower the Bully

Children's Behavior

Every school has them. Every kindergarten. Every playground. Those little souls who are so misguided, so confused in regards to who they are in this world, misinformed about the good they can foster. Those kids who are denied, disallowed, disapproved, revoked, and rejected, those kids who are so hurt – they have no other choice […]


Terrible Twos: how to Make it Wonderful

Children's Behavior

The Terrible Twos are coined “Terrible Twos” because it’s a challenging, hard period. Both on us, parents, and on our little ones. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. Read on. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how much I believe in the power of knowledge; and in […]


How to Parent a Difficult Child: 5 tips

Children's Behavior

At one point or another, most parents will use the word “difficult” to describe their children. Toddlers or teens, in this article I will share the best practices to parent difficult children, and bring cooperation, compassion and empathy back home. Children are children; whether they are 3, 8 or 15 years old – they have […]


1 Powerful Tip to Handle Tantrums

Children's Behavior

Handle tantrums with this one tip. Practice it for a while and never handle a tantrum again. I was told recently that my articles are way too long, so I’m trying a shorter version! Here it is: a story and a conclusion. Yesterday, when my 2.5 year old and I came back home, he asked […]


Impulsive Behavior as Opportunity for Connection

Children's Behavior

Feelings are messengers of met and unmet need. Unpleasant feelings, that are wake up calls for unmet needs, result in impulsive behaviors. Here’s how we can manage the behavior by addressing the unmet need it stems from. It happens (happened, and will happen) to all of us. We will ask for our little ones to […]