Is Positive Parenting Becoming the Norm?

In the dynamic landscape of parenting philosophies, positive parenting has emerged as a compelling approach emphasizing mutual respect, open communication, and empathetic understanding between parents and children. As societal values evolve and awareness about the long-term impact of parenting styles grows, the question arises: Is positive parenting becoming the norm? I remember eight years ago […]

10 Most Frequently Asked Positive Parenting Questions – and Their Answers

Parenting is a rewarding yet challenging journey, and many parents seek guidance on navigating the ups and downs of raising happy, well-adjusted children. In this article, I’ll address the ten most frequently asked positive parenting questions and provide thoughtful answers to support you on your parenting journey. Remember that no matter what happens, how hard […]

What to Say When Your Child Says “You Don’t Love Me”

“You don’t love me, Mom,” is one of the harshest sentences for us, mothers, to hear. Not only that, we want to make sure that our children know that that statement is not true, but even more so, we want to avoid the feelings this sentence brings within us. For many of us, hearing a […]

10 Things Your Child Needs to Hear from You Every Day

Communication is everything—words matter, much more than anything else. What we say to our children shapes their brains, their hearts, and their souls, and determines who they grow up to be.  Will they grow up being confident human beings, knowing their place in the world, knowing that their needs and feelings make a difference and […]

10 Ways to Empower Your Clingy Child

As I’m writing this, my four-year-old is wrapped around my leg. He follows me to the toilet; he’s next to me when I do the dishes, and sits next to me as I run my coaching calls. He won’t go to sleep without me, doesn’t want to meet with friends, and won’t let me take […]

Build an EVERLASTING Relationship with your Child in Six Steps

Attachment is a field in science – it explains magnetism, gravity, and the reasons for which human beings attach, also. In other words, attachment is the science of love.  Did you ever travel abroad, or got lost at the airport? Did you ask for help? If you did, then you probably didn’t notice that you […]