What Kind of a Grown Up Will Your Child Be?

Attachment Parenting

We often talk about kids, and for many, trying to imagine these little toddlers in their adulthood is a hard task. This article is about adults; they may be your friends or colleagues, siblings or partners, and they all carry behavioral and emotional patterns rooted deep in their childhood. Almost everyone I’ll talk to would […]


Correcting Your Child Through Connection: 10 Tips

Attachment Parenting

The difference between connecting to our children and correcting our children, is the same as the difference between “I am here and you are there”, to “we are in this together”. In a previously published article I discussed connection and correction from the point of view of connection to our children, in terms of how […]


Baby Sleep – Breaking the Myth

Children's Sleep, Attachment Parenting

Sleep deprivation is not only the world’s most ancient torture, it’s also the biggest challenge new parents have to stand up to. Let’s face it: it’s hell. It’s a waking nightmare. Each time I hear someone use “sleeping like a baby” I burst in laughing tears; it is probably the most misleading idiom of all […]


How to Build a Secure Attachment with Your Baby

Attachment Parenting

Secure attachment is built during the first 10 years of our little ones’ lives. This article is about building a secure attachment from the very first day. Secure attachment is built by the fulfillment of physical and emotional needs, which are the cornerstone of every relationship, every connection made in life. Gordon Neufeld, the Canadian […]


Attachment Parenting – what is it Really About?

Attachment Parenting

What is Attachment Parenting really about? Is it about co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and breastfeeding? It might be, but it might be not. Read further. Attachment Parenting is about placing the relationship in the heart of everything we do, but moreover, it is about placing the relationship at the heart of everything we feel, think and say. […]