Ozzy and the Prickly Huggles

Ozzy’s home life is full of cuddles, huggles and snuggles. Mom loves his prickly self and adores him unconditionally, but the real world is different. Out there, no one can imagine loving anyone so prickly.

Soul: A Robot with Heart

Soul, the only robot in Roboland who somehow has feelings, ventures out to reawaken all the other robots. With his “impossible” four-pawed-friend, Nova, they prove that everything is possible.

Jacky & Raff and the
Truth About “MINE”

In the Truth about “MINE,” the second book in the Jacky & Raff series, Jacky discovers that sharing is not about giving but about feeling together, be it toys or emotions. Having realized this lesson, he creates a new reality between himself and his younger brother, Cal.

Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES

In Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES, Jacky takes his first steps on his journey to self discovery. He learns how to find the YES hidden behind every NO, and how to communicate so that Mama can understand him.

Positive Parenting: Breaking the Cycle of Fear, Guilt, and Shame: Interactive Workbook Included

Positive Parenting: Breaking the Cycle of Fear, Guilt, and Shame takes you step-by-step on a journey to build and maintain a calm, loving, mutually respectful, understanding and nurturing relationship with your child and, vitally, with yourself.

Fearless, Guiltless, Shameless - Parenting Beyond Coercion : The Complete Guide to Positive Parenting

Positive parenting, respectful parenting, and gentle parenting have become hot keywords in the parenting sphere, which is overflowing with advice. Most of it conflicting, so we go along with what the majority suggest, hope for the best and keep winging it. But when nothing changes, we soon realize that we cannot get a different result by continuing to repeat the same actions.