Natural VS Logical Consequences and How to Use them Effectively  

The discussion about natural vs. logical consequences is broad and standard, yet many aspects of it are often overlooked. In the following article, I will take you step by step through the challenges posed by logical consequences and how to use natural consequences effectively.  The Misconception of Logical Consequences  When I googled natural vs. logical […]

10 Affirmations for the Always Positive Parent 

When COVID just hit our lives, I wasn’t prepared. No one was. When we don’t (or can’t prepare), we’re often dragged down by life, unable to regain control over whatever it is that is happening.  The Snowball of Negativity The same is true for parenting – when we parent without a plan, we can’t choose […]

What to Say When Your Child Says I HATE YOU

Some sayings are known to trigger many parents; I hate you, coming from your child, is one of them.  I want to start by saying that every child in the world will tell their parents they hate them at some point in time. Also, every parent out there will hear these words coming from their […]

Attention Seeking Behaviors: the Case of the Busy Mom

There are many sorts of attention seeking behaviors, but one is known to push the buttons of most parents out there, and that’s when you simply can’t help! “Why do the kids need me the most when I’m busy and can’t help”?  This brilliant question was asked in my Facebook group, and indeed – it’s […]

Why Positive Parenting doesn’t Work for You (and what to do differently)

Positive parenting is about meeting our children where they are, seeing the needs and feelings behind their behavior, respecting them as whole and complete human beings, ones that deserve to be taught and guided, not punished and disciplined.  It doesn’t only sound beautiful – it truly is! So why doesn’t it work for so many […]

My Secret to Clutter-Free Living

How to declutter your home? How to declutter your room? How to declutter, and parent, and not lose your mind? Ugh. Clutter clutter clutter! Things and stuff everywhere – under beds, under the couch, under the carper, on the kitchen counter, closets all messed up… The mere writing on this sentence tightens my chest and makes […]